The she-wolf had almost bitten two Tyumentsev

The she-wolf had almost bitten two TyumentsevTobolsk district, Tyumen region. Two Tyumentsev attacked wolf. PE occurred July 11, 2011 in the village of October 35 kilometers from Tobolsk. Predator snuck into the flock and attacked the owner, who came to feed the pigs. She-wolf biting a woman's hand, but then released the victim and fled.

Forest Huntress then served in the neighboring yard, where a man grabbed her throat. Fortunately, the screams and ran to a neighbor shot the beast. Villagers brought hunters and representatives of veterinary stations to combat animal diseases Tobolsk district.

According to the "Uralinformbyuro" station master Vladimir Sapozhnikov, a wolf's head is directed to the regional laboratory for research on rabies virus. The results will be ready for the morning of 14 July. If the diagnosis is confirmed, on the dangerous territory quarantined. In the meantime, veterinarians have planted all the dogs and cats in the village of October. Affected villagers introduced rabies serum, both sent home.

According V.Sapozhnikova, the attack on the wolf man — an exceptional case, especially in the village. Most likely, the animal was infected with rabies.

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