The story entertains, tests, revenge …

More than a thousand meetings in Belarus and abroad Vladimir Orlov spent the last ten years. Notes from readers filled several inbox. Now timeless and topical, naive and cunning, private and philosophical questions to the writer — in the air and on the website of Liberty in the program "As long as the arrow flies."

Catching history, you do not have to deal with something inexplicable and mysterious as, for example, egiptolyagam with "Pharaoh's Revenge"? Were there any incidents in your life?

Do you want to — believe it — no, but they were.

There are many definitions of history. I like most aphorism French historian of the romantic XIX century, Jules Michelet: "History — is the resurrection."

Indeed, both the scientist and writer, who create under the gaze of the Muses Clieu try again brought to life those bygone days. Here, of course, we can mention the parable fellow historian Michelet and penned by philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville: "The story — it's an art gallery, where there are few originals and many copies." And all was right Tsveyg Stephen, who noted that the historical rank is completed, not when zdyaysnivsya, but when made known to posterity.

But enough of aphorisms.

While working on the book "Secrets of Polotsk stories" I needed to make a copy of one document eighteenth century. The first Xerox issued from the depths of his page, with a vast and impenetrable black spot in the middle. That was the reason, and with the second, third, fourth apparatus. After the tenth attempt, I should just rewrite the page. It remains to add that the document concerned the court trial women accused of witchcraft.

The second example is the story "The Emperor's Dreams," in which the action takes place in 1812 in Belarus and in the 1820 m on the island of St. Helena. There's the main character was, as you remember, after the defeat in the Battle of Vaterleo.

I'm not going to write that story. But once on the street Polotsk met a strange young woman …

I'm not going to write that story. But once on the street Polotsk met a strange young woman. Met — is inaccurate. We just razminulisya in daily flow. Not even had time to remember anything from her face — only unusual exquisite perfume. But his subtle whiff was enough to for a few minutes in front of me turned ribbon plot.

And then began to occur much more incredible things. Get in a visit to a new friend, I come to the bookcase. Hand suddenly shoots accurately with a rare old book shelves with all versions of the death of Napoleon or his probable escape from exile with his counterpart Francois work. Another very necessary edition to get the mail birthday from a colleague, who did not share his plans. Calls — again without being asked on my part — the employee of Polotsk Historical and Cultural Reserve, ask, do not need me for anything memories of the life of Napoleon in Vitebsk. And I just they are at the time and needed, because in Vitebsk emperor celebrated his 43rd birthday and took the fateful decision to go to Moscow …

Finally, all this mysticism bore crazy idea that he left me a wisp of perfume itself … Well, historians will understand who.

The third mysterious story for my genealogical searches. She described in detail in the essay "My family tree to the fifth generation, or attempt to avoid expulsion."

In short, anyone who deals with the past, we must not forget that it touches the sphere of mysterious and unpredictable. After all, history is not only to teach (or, conversely, does not teach), not only captivates and entertains. She entertains herself studying you experience, awards, revenge … So be prepared for a variety of incidents.

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