The strongest in 14 years rains occurred in Ecuador

Thousands of poor Ecuadorian farmers watch as neighboring areas submerged under water due to heavy rain, resulting in an incredible number of destroyed property and killed at least 24 people.

"What makes a river, it then takes the '- sadly notes Barzola Francisco, who lost everything he had in the rainy season, which began earlier this year. "People are not only losing, but experience extreme discomfort at a time when the water level rose by nearly 1.2 meters." The danger also of mosquitoes, which appeared in large numbers in areas with large concentrations of water.

However, the worst is yet to come, as it is expected that the rains will continue for another month to go in the same regions where the situation is on the verge of a critical. The government announced a state of emergency in seven provinces, including the province of Guayas. The total number of victims was about 80,000 inhabitants. More than 34 thousand hectares of crops and 9,000 hectares of rice and corn were killed. Families have lost their homes and not only food, but also its economy.

Schools in many places are closed. In large cities, organized transport of victims and their property by motorized canoe. Some manage to extract material benefits from this situation: they have lost the road indicate the direction of movement.

Flooding is one of the strongest in the last 14 years since the El Nino phenomenon caused the massive destruction in 1997-1998 — the worst in the history of South America, where the damage was about $ 4 billion.

Observed floods, however, are not caused by the phenomenon of El Nino, associated with the change in surface temperature and causing more intense rainfalls. Experts attribute them to a cyclone moisture.


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