The true national betrayal — it Bialowieza conspiracy, not the Brest peace

Vladimir Putin, speaking last week in the Federation Council, and responding to questions, said that the premise of defeat RF in the First World War was a "national betrayal" and reckoned it to blame "the then management of the country", ie, the Bolsheviks, who had gone to the signing of the Brest peace. However, here for the balance of said: "They carried on the cross for himself. They make amends to the state during the second world war, stately Russian — it's true. "

With all this, he expressed the thesis that in the end our homeland lost the war already losing side, resulting in "huge area, great interests of the country were given, it is not clear for what put the interests of, for the sake of party interests of only one group that wished to stabilize the situation in of power. " "The second Global war different from the first, in fact, it is not clear. No differences in fact no, "" it was at first about the geopolitical interests of the states involved in the conflict "- here are a few quotes from his speech to the Federation Council.

Putin said it all for nothing. Nothing has accused the then management of treason. At least since the territorial losses of the Russian Federation as a result of the Brest peace were much smaller than her own territorial losses as a result of Bialowieza. And they accused the state government of betraying the returned portion of losses greater rigor within 9 months after the conclusion of peace, which is itself fairly characterizes as "obscene" and denounced the world. A government of, destroyed the union government to usurp power in their own republic, and after two years, the 10-ka did not return virtually nothing, even in an innings Putin himself.

In vain, he said there is no difference between the first and second world wars — at least as a first course no one ever was talking about the enslavement of the peoples of the Russian Federation and the winding up of its statehood. And in the second it was specifically about it, and even the physical winding up of its population.

And for good reason, he brought the essence of the war in justifying tone to the geopolitical interests of the belligerent powers. At least since the mere existence of geopolitical interests, which is always, war is not justified. United States in Vietnam, too, fought wars for its "geopolitical interests." And Iraq was invaded in the name of their own "geopolitical interests". And bombed Yugoslavia in the name of their own. And Libya. And killed Hussein, Milosevic and Gaddafi's only for the sake of their own "geopolitical interests". But no matter how Putin nor even what other people adekvatnomyslyaschy on this basis does not justify them. And its defense against Russia United States is doing specifically in order to protect their own "geopolitical interests" …

Geopolitical interests may be very different. And, for that matter, some of them turn out to be the geopolitical interests of one class and the other classes of the same country.

Interests, in the name of our motherland which waged war in the First World War were very different and controversial, and greater rigor of the country is not encouraged. And even the cutest of them — control over the Bosporus and Dardanelles — does not cost incurred by Russia during the war itself losses. On the figures of losses dispute goes so far, but a small popular grade (Head of the General Staff of the Russian Army on October 3, 1917) — is 750,000 dead and missing and 3.2 million wounded and 2 million prisoners. According to current data demographic loss of — 2254400, sanitary loss — 3,749,000 and loss of prisoners — 3,343,900 people.

Serbian question, which became a formal reason for the war, is also quite many meanings, both for the history and context of the Sarajevo assassination (killed Ferdinand was listed as one of the more-Slavic political leaders of Austria-Hungary) and on the main differences Fri: Austria sought from Serbia controversial things — role in the investigation of the murder on the ground of Serbia (which, by the way, went to our current home on the role of the Polish investigators in the investigation after the death of Kaczynski in Smolensk). At the same time, in response to the demand of the Russian Federation Austria agreed to give her assurance of compliance Serbian sovereignty.

If we talk about the betrayal of the public, then the faster it must be recognized as a retraction of in the World War by the then Russian government (more or less responsible leaders of the empire, starting with Stolypin, were strongly against it) and how it was conducted. Russian army Combat training was at that time the best army in the world, but it is completely adventuristic sent into battle and doomed to destruction or untested and largely illiterate decisions of the high command, or the same nedosnabzheniem. The army fought a war hero at once, but it is constantly betrayed the then royal power. And in the end it is the winter 1916-17 years. in the army, there were half a million deserters, officers were dangerous to appear in the trenches, and the troops did not podymali the attack on any orders. Here one could read a lot, but in 1917 the Bolsheviks only expressed the common desire of the people to get out of the war, and it was a betrayal of the public hold of in the war, and not out of it. The army did not want to wage war and, most likely, would not be sold in February 1918, and by 1917 illumine, if they did the Bolsheviks did not deter her in position to enter into the promise of a speedy peace and the statement that "In the world of fight, keep the front! . "

By February, the choice was the usual: either withdraw from the war at any cost, or to stay in the war, but spontaneously divergent army. By the way, calling for the defeat of his own government during the war, the Bolsheviks never called for a German victory and the defeat of Russia. Their appeal meant that the army had to turn against the government as an instrument of, and against the governments of Germany and other countries. And having gone to Brest contract, specifically they are, in fact, foretold the defeat of Germany. On the one hand, they refused to fight a war for the interests of France and the UK, many times in the past exploited the military prowess of, but always tries to steal her victory. On the other hand, they are forced to warring parties fight among themselves, providing a breathing space of the Russian Federation. On the third, they showed Germany and its army, that the war could finish gave breath "smell of the world", then wage war she has not been able to.

Brest-Litovsk was actually a state rescue.

Terms of the world would be less languid. And most importantly, that it is lost — it is Ukraine. But if Putin's advisers were more erudite, they would know that it has captured the power of the nationalist Central Rada, which proclaimed its independence in the summer of 1917, made peace with Germany even before the conclusion of his Russia, which determined at the time the loss of Ukraine. The Bolsheviks tried to overthrow her in January 1918, but the forces have not had them then. And on Jan. 27 (Feb. 9) 1918 was signed a separate contract with the Germanium and Austria-Hungary, presupposed occupation of Ukraine. Russian Our homeland has signed the Brest peace only 3 March 1918, while almost everything in a hopeless condition. Brest-Litovsk negotiations themselves — it is a separate and more than than a dramatic story. Yes, and agreed to German demands were brilliant political gambit: the Bolsheviks correctly understood that this world will be short-lived, giving Germany that peace in the East, they are in fact deprived of its
army and the will to fight the West.

It is not true that by the beginning of 1918, Germany has been the losing side. Its troops were on the ground fought with her state, and those proved unable prinevolit them to retreat. Army Germany was much closer to Petrograd, Paris and London than the Russian army (as well as French and British) — to Berlin.

Germany has become transformed into a losing side, specifically, finding themselves in a situation of half-poluvoyny after Brest. And placing the army in the Ukraine and other occupied territories, it dooms itself to anguish and stress support unpopular and incompetent regimes.

Reluctance of German fighter to wage war led to the success of the coming of the last of the Entente, the revolt did not wish wage war fleet at Kiel — the fall of the monarchy, the fall of the monarchy — to end the war.

Having signed with Germany gambit Brest-Litovsk, Russian Our homeland has deprived Germany of its army.

Here's assessment of Richard Pipes, hardly anyone attributable to the number of followers of the Bolsheviks: "sagacity of having gone to a humiliating peace, who gave him to win the right time, and then collapsed under the influence of gravity, Lenin, the Bolsheviks gained extensive trust. When 13 November 1918 they broke the Brest peace, right behind than Germany surrendered to the Western Allies, the authority of Lenin was lifted up in the Bolshevik movement in unprecedented heights. Nothing better serve its reputation for not making political mistakes, never again he did not have to threaten to resign, to insist on his. "

In fact, all that our homeland lost to the Brest peace, she returned six months later and the end of the civilian war. Yes, she did not return to Poland, but returned to her and in 1920, if all of her former allies have opposed it, preventing it to do.

Yes, national betrayal was. They were drawing RF in the war. They were keeping her bestalantnoe. They were nedavneshnee destruction of the USSR. Them was the refusal of President Medvedev on the results of the victory of the Russian army over the militants Saakashvili in 2008. This should be called a betrayal of the public.

Indeed, our home was not at Versailles among the victorious countries. Only hardly be upset that she did not become an accomplice to a robbery and a country-robber.

And before you make such definitive assessment of the government, which signed the Treaty of Brest, but here is eliminated due to the loss of them, you need to start at least eliminate the effects of Bialowieza betrayal and return the territorial integrity of Russia.

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