The U.S. Navy after 4 years will be the ships laser cannon

The U.S. Navy after 4 years will be the ship's laser cannonThe naval forces of the United States of America plan as quickly as possible to get to the laser cannon armament. The development of new tools and tests given to four years. But according to experts, for the past 2-years will be one hundred percent ready layout, reports

Representatives of the U.S. Navy announced that after four years to begin the installation process by American military courts martial of high-energy lasers.

Recently, the process will begin testing a new weapon, the main purpose of which is to intercept small vessels and aircraft.

Mike Deitchman, who oversees the development of promising weapons for the U.S. Navy, said that by the end of 2012, plans to sign contracts related to the construction of the prototype laser naval guns. All of the technologies necessary for their development, is already there, you only need to create and test new tool, so that later on it to adopt.

Specialists believe that it will take 4 years, but it is possible that the layout of the new tools will be ready within two years. According Deichman, with the emergence of laser guns at the Navy United States will be completely new abilities associated with the liquidation of aircraft, UAVs, swift boats, subsonic cruise missile.

In the opinion of a layman, it is more like a hasty attempt to take laser armament in any form. But this is not the adventurous decision, and fully balanced plan. After all, when viewed from the technology side, the laser tool — Proven mature development. In April 2011 the South American Navy experienced a low-power 15-kilowatt combat laser, successfully destroyed the engine of a boat. The salty sea air and cloudy weather did not interfere with the burning outboard motor-moving boats at a distance of 1.5 kilometers. The same tests were carried out on land: lasers successfully managed to kill the drones.

In addition, the Office of Naval research tends to focus on solid-state laser, which is relatively a cheap. For over 10 years, South American Navy is engaged in development of a massive free-electron laser megawatt class. This project is very costly, time-consuming, and combat laser required now. Meanwhile, the military believes is fully sufficient laser power of which is 100 square meters, while the laser power of 1 MW, of course, is prettier and can burn a hole in 1 second 6 meters of steel.

So Makar, naval forces are not going to turn away from a massive free-electron laser, which is able to destroy aircraft and small boats, but want to get on armament even a laser gun power of 100 kW.

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