The verdict in the Usa-Statkievich postponed indefinitely

The reason — illness of a judge.

Stefanovic: "It seems that the authorities are taking a time-out"

Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich"I believe that there may be two options. The first — really sick judge. The second — the authorities deliberately take time out to match some items. However, be that as it may, the transfer of the verdict coincides with the visit of Vladimir Putin to Minsk and the introduction of additional sanctions by the European Union. "

Dmitry Uss, "There are many" may ".

One of the defendants in the case, former presidential candidate Dmitry Uss Interfax said the transfer of the sentence on an unspecified date, "I can not say why. Maybe the judge's conscience does not allow to reach a verdict, and the morale is not enough to declare it … There are many "can." But realistically, I think the verdict will be. "

Sergei Skrabets: "Our judges — iron"

Former MP and political prisoner Sergei Skrabets"They say that the judge was ill. I do not believe it. Our judges — iron, as they say, so much give. Belarusian situation is known. Political opponents are put behind bars. And then they are traded. Used to trade slaves. Then it zabaranili.Tamu now traded political prisoners. Lukashenko's like you trade — Prisoners, milk, tractors. Just to give money. "

Judge May 20 Leninsky District Court of Minsk Ludmila Grachev had to put sentences former presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich iDmitriyu Usu and the participants Poznyak Andrew Square, Alexander Klaskouski, Alexander Kvyatkevichu, Artem fungal, Dmitri Bulanov.

Earlier, the prosecutor asked Cyril Chubkavets endure punishment:

Statkievich — 8 years;
Uss — 7 years;
Klaskouski — 8.5 years;
Kvyatkevichu, Paznyaku, Bulanov, fungal — 4 years maximum security prison.

Courts for Square

The trial Statkevich, mustache, Pazniak, Klaskouski, Kvyatkevicham, fungal, Bulanava

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