The victims of the landslide in Bangladesh More than 50 people

Landslides caused by heavy rain in south-eastern Bangladesh have killed at least 51 people, said on Wednesday citing local officials AFP.

According to Xinhua News Agency, from the evening of Tuesday, 30 people, including 11 members of one family, were killed in Bandarban district, 15 more — around Chattagong. The regional authorities fear that the death toll could rise.

At present, the areas affected by the disaster are conducted search and rescue operations, involving members of the Armed Forces.

Which began last week, torrential rains paralyzed normal life in parts of south-eastern Bangladesh, interrupted rail and air links.

Gatherings landslides caused by rains in the mountainous areas of Bangladesh annually lasting from January to September monsoon happen quite often, taking away with dozens of lives. Thus, in June 2010 the victims of rampant floods in some areas in the south-eastern part of the country were more than 50 people.

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