The water level in the Tom reached historic lows


12.05.12.Sudohodnye companies were trapped in the spring: the water level in the Siberian rivers has fallen to record lows.

Thus, the level of Tom in the river port at the time of opening was 123 cm, which is 1.5 meters below last year's level and 4.5 m — pozaproshlogodnego. All on Tom identified five areas mash.
Dry paddles

DSA Novosibirsk reservoir inflows, which are observed in 1959 were stable 3-5 thousand cubic meters. m now down to 1.7 thousand cubic meters. meters per day, of which 1.2 thousand cubic meters reservoir gives back. Thus, the filling of the reservoir today is actually stopped. The water level in the Siberian rivers fell from "stranded" in the first place were the shipping and construction companies, which depend on the supply of gravel (for example, was actually stopped work on installation of shore protection structures in Strezhevoy).

— Low water for us — a tragedy — said in a conversation with "VT" director "of Tomsk Shipping Company" Vladimir Knoll. — From Tomsk to the north is still under construction (Vasyugan KhMAO.. — Ed.), But get to Novosibirsk can no longer, because the reservoir is not filled. Because of the shortage of water in the Tom we can not go on with his technique of sand-gravel pits above communal bridge to get materials for construction and road industry.

These two directions are from the beginning of the season of navigation. Jeopardized plans were shipping company, increased in 2012 by 30% (target figure for cargo — more than 6 million tons). However, at work, Samus Shipyard, as well as electronic warfare Moryakovskoy included with TSC in holding "Siberian Center for Logistics", shallowing of the Siberian rivers not affected.

— Now we just have to rely on the support of the heavy rains and groundwater. Such a serious situation that has arisen in this year of hydrology of rivers, in the history of our company was not yet — said Knoll.

How much water under the bridge?

Hydrologists believe that water scarcity Siberian rivers caused by exceptional weather conditions: dry autumn (rain nutrition river is 25-40%), and snowy winter (snow-fed — 35-50%). That is the completion of the rivers in these conditions occur only due to groundwater. According to the shipping carriers, in the mountains, where Tom begins, does not remain snow and ice needed to replenish the fresh water of the river. The human factor in shoaling Siberian rivers if there was, it was minimal.

— Since the cease active gravel, river mainly mitigate the negative consequences of mining. Now say that the human impact has played a crucial role, it is impossible. A role — yes, the climate destabilized, but not decisive, — said General Director of "Tomskgeomonitoring" Victor L'gotin.

In addition to limiting shipping spring water shortage has affected the population of fish (sometimes frozen river to the bottom, resulting in an acute shortage of oxygen, which caused a massive fish kill), and on environment. Tom hardly came into the floodplain where water stagnated. Among the positive effects hydrologists call only a small flood.

— I suppose that next year will be quite abounding. The last years have taught us to great fluctuations — L'gotin said, adding that it was necessary to develop a number of complex projects on bank protection and dredging Tom.

The deputy head of the regional department of natural resources Mershin Galina, in turn, noted that despite the anomalous situation, the total amount of water in the river is sufficient to maintain the ecological well-being.

Tomsk Oblast Administration in 2012 to allocate 28 million rubles for treatment of 21 hectares Haymarket Kuryi. During the cleaning cycle is supposed to remove from the bottom of the order of 190 thousand cubic meters. m slime.

Tom autopsy in 2012 took place on 9 April, 10 days earlier than the average date. The water level at the time of opening of 1.2 m, while the average water level is around 6.6 meters. Autopsy Obi in Kolpasheva occurred on 15 April (5.38 m — peak of the second wave).

Ilya Yushkovsky

Source: Tomsk news

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