The winners of the contest of innovative projects Altai Innovation Forum

The winners of the contest of innovative projects, which was part of the Inter-Regional Innovation Forum "Innovation Fair. Altay 2013 "on 29-30 April 2013. Main purpose of the forum — to create a platform for the exchange of experiences in the field of industry innovations, new technologies and the prospects of inter-regional cooperation.

According to the Deputy Governor, the Chief of the Economy and Investment Michael Shchetinina,
forum was devoted to the latest technology and the prospects for inter-regional cooperation in the field of innovation. He united the innovators of the Altai and Krasnoyarsk Territories, Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions.

Business forum program included seminars, round tables, lectures. The forum held seminar on "Training of scientific and innovative projects to expertise to government support," round table "Prospects for development programs of universities," seminar-lecture "Current issues of legal protection and use of intellectual activity", a round table on "Green Economy" : Experience and Prospects for Development ".

A key event was the Exhibition "Innovation Fair". It was held in the region for the fifth time in its framework was presented to 119 developments in the four priority areas for the country, "Energy and Resources" (49 projects), "Medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology" (19 projects), "Information and Telecommunication Technology "(31 projects)," Nanotechnology and New Materials "(20 projects). In order to further stimulate the development of projects was a competition, which resulted in each category to determine the winners:


In "Information and communications technology," declared the winner of the Altai State University for the project "Opto-electronic meter diameter".

Diploma of second degree awarded Hope Musienko for the project "Cloud service data mining" and Innovation and Technology Center of Altai State Technical University. II Polzunova for the project «3D-scanning, 3D-prototyping."

Diplomas of the third degree awarded "NPF" Gamma-Test " for the project "Electromagnetic Monitoring (EMR) of the individual mobile communications" and Ltd. "Information System of the Future" for the project «Remoovie — videorezyume online service."

The winner in the direction of "Medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology" was Institute of Problems of Chemical and Energetic Technologies, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the project "Production of substances of drugs."

Diploma of second degree awarded LLC "Biotechnology feed production" for the project "Shiitake fresh cultivated." Diploma of the third degree — Leah Tkachenko for the project "Forceps for use with soft tissue."

Ltd. "Gorsvet" with the project "Design of autonomous power supply system" became the winner in the direction of "Energy efficiency and resource conservation."

Diploma degree — in JSC "Production Association" Mezhregionenergoservis " for the project "The use of innovative welding technology in the production of unique boiler equipment from high heat-resistant steel."

In third place — Ltd. "Wave Technologies" with the project "Magnetic — Pulse integrated treatment of machine parts and tools designed for areas of hardening surfaces of products."

The best in the direction of "Nanotechnology and New Materials" was the project JSC "Power Plus" "Design and development of serial production modules gas fire on a base of solid composite materials for fire protection of electrical and electronic equipment".

Second-degree diploma awarded IIP "Center of ultrasound technology AltSTU" for the project "The range of ultrasonic fine spray of different materials."

Diploma of the third degree awarded Ltd. "Pragma" for the project "Development and organization of large-scale production of a series of repairs and waterproofing compositions of penetrating multi-purpose" Bithron. "

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