There is life on Mars? In the caves!

First unclear huge holes in the surface of Mars were discovered in 2007. On this occasion, the U.S. space agency said that these same holes can be entrances to seven large caves.

This information was made available after managed to make a number of pictures of one of these black spots using high-resolution cameras. The image shows that the spot is nothing more than a huge failure, or the entrance to the cave. There are suggestions that a hole is made in a thick crust, most likely solidified lava.

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Some experts believe that the origin of a purely volcanic holes, because something like this can be seen on Earth, such as the Hawaiian Islands. There, too, on the slopes of volcanoes there are similar failures. But unlike terrestrial analogs, these dips no bottom or, at least, it is simply not found yet. As further evidence of the extraordinary depth of strange formations.

What is interesting, with the help of special equipment in the infrared mode, measurements were made day and night temperatures of the holes. It was found that during the day the temperature there is lower than the surface hours — on the contrary, above. Now the search for such black holes will continue through just such equipment, because it is one of the most effective ways to detect them.

And here begins the most important debates about the prospects of the study of this phenomenon. The boldest claim that found holes can be entrances to the huge, huge by Earth standards of the cave. And, of course, there is a view that it was there, under the earth and Mars to look for life. After all, there may be quite different conditions may be water, and that there, a whole civilization, hidden away from some cataclysm had destroyed the planet.

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