They came back from Germany

"All of my husband's relatives — the Germans have long gone to Germany — Irene began her story. — Some ten years ago, someone — three, the sister of her husband — six months ago. It's just you and Kostya's parents. Relatives so beautifully described the life there … In general, received a call that waited five years, we quickly sold everything we had: cars, apartments, houses, cottages, garages. And threw a well-established profitable business.

And that's another story. My friend, with whom we studied together in college, due to life circumstances, was left alone with three children. Still young — she at that time was twenty-five years old, she took an active device of privacy on the Internet and met with thirty-six engineer from Berlin. Their long correspondence led to the fact that he proposed to her. Organized the invitation, and Nastya, full of optimism, my mother went to get acquainted with her future husband. In the first place it bribed willingness Gunter adopt her children. But even that is no small thing for a mother did not keep her abroad. A month later, she returned to Nizhny Tagil. The desire to marry a foreigner has disappeared.
This is how she described her life there, "Imagine — he lives in his house with octogenarian mother, who does not understand a word in Russian. And the whole day we were sitting alone with her. Money he did not give me, as a German I do not know the language, and the stores supposedly can not walk. Although it seems to me that having money in their hands, any Russian will find in the stores what it needs. With neighbors easily, as we do, too, no one speaks. And the worst of it seemed to me that they have all of life is planned to the last detail. Even the love they do on a schedule. Upon my arrival, the very next day, Gunther went to work. Take time off to spend with me, he could not. I have a whole day promayalas the four walls of an old woman with silent, and when he came home from work, so happy that I tried to entice him into the bedroom — to be alone and get to know (after all, he's going to marry me!). I'll never forget his answer instructive: "Nastya, today we are going to visit. Love — on Tuesdays and Fridays. "
And more. In his plans for the future I have the rest of your life to stay at home and raise children. None of what the work is not even talk. Such a life — not for me. "

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