This year will go into service Airborne 10 mobile automated systems EW «Leer-2»

This year will go into service Airborne 10 mobile automated systems EW

TSAMTO, January 14. From 14 to 19 January on the basis of a separate special purpose regiment of the Airborne Troops (VDV), stationed in Moscow Kubinka, with experts collects electronic warfare (EW) units and Airborne.

As told in the press service of the Office of disk imaging and Defense Ministry, the main purpose of the collection — improving the level of training of Prof. calculations portable automatic technical control systems, simulation and electronic jamming electronic facilities «Leer-2.»

At the gathering attracted chiefs calculations and drivers operators complexes «Leer-2» 31-th separate air assault brigade, the 98th Airborne Division and special purpose regiment Navy. On the basis of these compounds new technique EW held experienced troop operation.

At the training complex special purpose regiment held classes on tactical and special training, during which experts at EW will examine in detail how to deploy (clotting) «Leer-2» reference signals intelligence and jamming of radio electronic means (RECs) under simulated enemy action in combat formations airborne units.

As the chief of staff of Airborne EW Colonel Sergei Gashkov, «immediate value of these fees is that bosses calculating new complexes during all kinds of exercises, both theoretical and specialized tactical, will be able to obtain specific advice from professionals in the All- Research Institute «Standard» — developers automatic complex. «

Mobile automatic complex EW «Leer-2» on the basis of an armored car «Tiger-M» has no equals. It is designed for signals intelligence emitters, jamming and jamming enemy RES.

In addition, you can create complex real jamming environment, simulate the different RECs, also evaluate the electrical situation during combat training. Crew «Leer-2» — 2 people: the driver and the operator. Highway speed — up to 140 km / h.

In the current year on arms formations and units Airborne arrive 10 complexes «Leer-2,» said the report of the Press Service of the Ministry of Defense and disk imaging Russian Federation.

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