Three thousand pines will land near Ulyanovsk in honor of the 200th anniversary of Goncharov

Ulyanovsk environmentalists lay avenue in honor of the 200th anniversary of the writer Ivan Goncharov, which will drop more than 3 thousand pines, reported Thursday in the regional government with reference to the Minister of Forestry, Environment and Ecology, Dmitry Fyodorov.

This year, Russia marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of writer Ivan Goncharov, a native of Simbirsk (Ulyanovsk). In early October, the head of the Ulyanovsk region also directed to develop a plan for environmental improvement of the natural park "Vinnovskaya Grove", which is associated with the name of Ivan Goncharov.

"Not far from the village of Key wilted in the Ulyanovsk region will lay a memorial walkway in honor of the 200th anniversary of the birth Goncharov. On the area of 0.5 hectares is planned to plant more than 3 thousand pine trees," — he said.

The event will be attended by members of the MEP of the Ulyanovsk region, the Regional Environmental Chamber, representatives of the public ecological organization "ECA", Ulyanovsk forest areas, including school.

In addition to traditional planting trees to Ulyanovsk students will be organized by the "lesson of ecology," where experts will talk about the problems and the nature of the reforestation.

The event is also dedicated to the nationwide "Live, forest!" and the regional "more oxygen". Last place in the region in 2010 at the initiative of the environmental organization "ECA". The program aims to actively raise environmental awareness in students. Under the guidance of the students they put wood in areas unsuitable for agriculture.

Russian action "Live forest!" conducted by the Federal Forestry Agency. In every region of Russia planned activities include planting of forest plantations, the creation of parks, alleys, planting and landscaping of schools, kindergartens, settlements, clearing forest from littering, litter and illegal dumping.

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