Tips Komorowski: Talking with Lukashenko, but …

Warsaw Gazeta Wyborcza advice does the new President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski on policy in Eastern Europe.

As the newspaper writes, Bronislaw Komorowski, is not about to give up the activity in the east of the Bug River. Although, unlike his predecessor, Lech Kaczynski, whose eastern policy called the most successful area of his presidency, Komorowski would slightly different accents. Thanks to the harmonious cooperation with the government and realistychnastsi goals may be more effective for Kaczynski in his uskhodnepalitychnay activities.

Gazeta Wyborcza Polish leadership focuses on Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Caucasus policy.

Recent years showed that the dialogue with Minsk — better sanctions and isolation. Contacts with the authorities, however, are not expected to cease supporting the opposition

As for Belarus, the publication said: "We should proceed with caution, although recent years have shown that the dialogue with Minsk — better than sanctions and isolation. Contacts with the authorities, however, are not expected to cease supporting the opposition, despite the fact that in the short term, its chances come to power more vague. Alexander Lukashenko is trying to break free from Russia, approaching (at least economically) to the European Union. This process should be supported, hoping that in time it will lead to a profound change in Belarus, but not enough to become a guarantor policy Lukashenko for Europe. proposed by experts in support of the principle of the conditions of Belarus (aid in return for specific actions that improve the functioning of the rule of law and respect for civil liberties), is the best strategy. "

The newspaper goes on to say that "it is necessary to come to an agreement with Belarus on the issue amicably solve the problem of Belarusian Poles. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the two countries developed a compromise that would allow registered in Belarus several Polish organizations, it seems reasonable way to resolve those disputes about the Union of Poles who are not going first year and have paralyzed the relationship between our countries. The use of such solutions will allow each side to save face. "


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