To Japan hit a powerful hurricane

A powerful storm hit today almost the entire territory of Japan.
As a result of various incidents killed at least four people, dozens of injuries of varying severity.

In the city of Nomi in Ishikawa Prefecture on the Japan Sea coast squall gusts knocked down the 82-year-old woman, who soon died of head injuries. In the same prefecture from injury when falling dead pensioner. Two men in different settings were crushed to death brought them the rubble of collapsed buildings wind.

There are reports of workers who are harsh winds dropped from scaffolding. One of them suffered a broken spine.
Strong winds caused major disruptions in transport — was canceled more than 700 flights between different cities of the country. At the time, has been isolated from the outside world Kansai airport for the south-west of Japan, as the wind has paralyzed traffic on the bridge, which connects it to the outside world. At the same time the main Japanese Narita International Airport near Tokyo is still working normally.

On the road not out dozens of high-speed trains "Shinkansen" and conventional formulations. In Tokyo, the movement canceled about 30 percent of urban trains, prohibited the movement of passenger ferries. In the city of Toyama squally gusts toppled on highways 11 trucks. Hurricane aground in Aichi Prefecture, which was built there in one of the yards cargo ship displacement of 10 tons.

The hurricane caused a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure and the strength comparable to a powerful typhoon. Speed gusts near Wakayama city of almost 42 m / sec. The average person can knock down gusts speed is 25 m / sec. Wave heights in many areas more than 10 meters.
Meteorologists have declared a storm warning in many parts of the country, including Tokyo. Most private companies in the capital sent their employees home without waiting for the completion of the day. Mmo on all TV channels encourages residents of Japan without special needs not to leave their homes.


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