To the great climatic resettlement of the people need to prepare

Imagine a crowd of refugees, fleeing from environmental apocalypse, cross the border … So what, that's okay, says geographer David Thomas of the University of Oxford (UK).

At the London conference Planet Under Pressure, he said that "environmental migrants" — a part of the solutions to the problems that will result from climate change.

With "climate refugees" (a process already begun) associated with a number of myths. They say they are illegal immigrants. In fact, 80% of environmental migrants move within their country's borders. Say, where life becomes more difficult, all removed from their homes. In fact, the majority remains. Mr. Thomas noted that migration — the act of striving for the best, but do not despair. If a person decided to move, he did not because that is poor or living in environmentally disadvantaged areas.

Get the African drought of the 1980s. Millions died — just because of the fact that did not escape from the advancing desert. "In Mali, at the time migration, by contrast, fell, — said Mr. Thomas, who became co-author of last year's publication on the subject. — The fact that migration — it trim, but because of drought, people do not have the money. "

"We have nothing to worry about refugees, and of those who remained, — said the scientist. — Those who would like to migrate, but can not. "

Migration is not very good solution. Mr. Thomas found that 40% "come in large numbers" in Dakar, Senegal in the settled areas of the city that flooded. These quarters were empty: local not want to live there, knowing the floods. Still, it was better than dying from the drought.

Offer specialist is not to be afraid of migration, and to organize it, because refugees sooner or later will swing — and those who remain have to save.

Prepared according to NewScientist.


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