To tint portrait of beloved President beard, glasses and even different lewdness …


In many textbooks today can see a portrait of Alexander Lukashenko. Call the cult of personality that is obviously not necessary, but that the Ministry of Education has consistently and persistently expanding in school textbooks of the relevant illustrations — a fact. And that particular situation: student received the first of September this tutorial, but it looks from the pages of the book, Alexander G., drastically retouched previous users textbook. What to do then?

This is the case described in his letter to freedom Constantine Syrel of Ushacha. He, in particular, writes:

"I Overheard recently the story of a young pretty woman. She herself was most likely from Polotsk and Novopolotsk. Her son was at the beginning of the school year in school textbooks. And the teacher noticed that one of them (I suspect that it was a textbook, "The State, society, man," or as it's called) to portraits favorite president podmalevany beard, glasses and even different nepatrebstvy.Nu, of course, the noise violence, a student — in the office of the Director, parents — to school. Man to swear, "I do not paint such a textbook got it." What do you prove it! Demanded to atone for a new school textbook. But where did you buy it if they are not on sale! Father scratched his head and came up with a brilliant solution: find a clean tutorial, copy the pages and replace!

It would seem to be easy! Yes, it turned out, not so easy to find a tutorial, where would any president had no glasses, beards and other improper conduct. Only the ninth book found for the occasion, was not colored.

That's the story. I think so, if it happened, as she told me, three years ago, those students who painted the portraits of Rygoravichavy, the upcoming election will vote. And for whom they are interested, will give your voice? ' — Wrote in his letter to the freedom of the village Constantine Syrel Ushachi that of Polotsk.

Perhaps the students at all times, this kind of sin leprosy. Especially if the teacher is not too strict, and his stories are not very interesting. However, during the Stalinist terror of what "art" could easy to "fly" out of school and go to prison for young offenders … But later, in the era of Brezhnev indulgent, textbooks painted almost with impunity. Got it all sorts of work and war heroes, Stakhanovists, astronaut and winner of … Portraits of the Leonid Brezhnev in school textbooks, as I recall, did not actually have. Is that just before the finale, when he took up literary memuarnay creativity, and students began to join his books — "Small Earth", "Rebirth" and "Virgin Lands" …

Our listener Nicholas Busel from the village of Dubrova Svetlahorsk district wrote a letter to his new hearing on the Freedom of reflection analysts Valery Karbalevich, Yuri Drakokhrust, and Alexander Fyaduta on the topic: "What would happen if Russia does not recognize the results of the presidential elections in Belarus." Concerning heard Nicholas writes:

"The very question of our country depends on the mood of the Kremlin cabal offensive. Belarus — is not ulus of the Golden Horde to crawl back in her lap. Do not give it a label — what a disaster! Buy in Biyafry in the Zambezi in Southern Lebanon, Madagascar.

It would be wiser not to wonder how well avoid the "wrath of the great big" and how to give a mad-Belarusian duumvir It failed.

In the Kremlin Duumvirate assaults on our dictator is and the side that his mouth Altyn Orda will eat everything else and everyone else. Therefore, it would be wiser not to wonder how well avoid the "wrath of the great big" and how to give a mad-Belarusian duumvir It failed. Paradoxically and unpleasant, but by opposing the Moscow-kagebistskaga barking and girkannya we intercede not only for the dictator, but for his blue-eyed. Moscow's attacks on our forever — it zvyagnya the same villains. Something that is not popped peasant forehead, it is necessary to defend against enemies, even if they say the well-known truth.

Depremiyavats require all participants of the transfer, and the ringleaders as zdradtsav and a traitor, to give a hand grasping the ideological vertical ",- Wrote in his letter to the freedom of the village of Nikolai Busel Dubrova Svetlahorsk district.

And why is it, Nicholas, is a sudden penchant for you to strict administrative measures with regard to dissent? Many years in the letters you get up man balanced, thoughtful, with respect for the opinions of others. And then suddenly — "depremiyavats", "give a hand grasping the" vertical "… If you do so with those whose judgments are considered wrong — then what will differ from the official media censored, of which, by the way, you do not just chuckled, watching as there circumvent or distort the information that is inconvenient for the government or shows her ugly deeds.

On today's political realities on whether to blame the opposition for inactivity says in his letter to the "Freedom" Vitaly Mihaevich Cooking from the village of Volozhin district. He writes:

"There is still listen to your programs, calls other students, writing … I fully support those who are in favor of changing the current government. And do not always agree with the accusations against the opposition. Location can be a violent opposition activities, when all around us so gripped the relevant authorities? Fluent in Belarus can only praise the government. This, incidentally, is felt in letters and phone calls, they will be announced on the Freedom. All sorts of opportunists, sang, lackeys everywhere fraught …

And for those who only criticize the opposition, I would suggest itself to become the opposition. At least in my heart, secretly. It will be such a lot — and the effect will be. The authorities also select …

I think a very important point — that the problem of missing opposition politicians, as well as the theme of moral character of our president is sounding gain in Russia. People need to be constantly reminded of it, especially now, before the election ", — Wrote in his letter to the freedom of the village Vitaly Mihaevich Volozhinski cooking area.

To claim that power in today's Belarus is chosen — a clear exaggeration, Mr. Fred. Free elections in the country are long gone, and a simulation of voting is held by the old communist scenarios that provide advance power victorious result — regardless of the actual attitudes in society.

How long can be stored for such an abnormal procedure in Europe today? Obviously, as long as the majority of Belarusians agreed silently endure it — not to protest, not complaining, do not go out.

Comments and complaints about the coverage of the opposition appeals to us Michael medicines of Latvia in Riga. In a new letter to freedom, he writes:

"Recently in your gear a lot of space given to the events surrounding the public campaign" Tell the truth! "Told you and the raids and the detention of the activists, and other. And in this regard, I want to ask: Does she always tells the truth Freedom in full?

Unfortunately, I can not give this issue a positive response. Here's an example. I have repeatedly tried to call you on the telephone answering machine

I am often in Belarus and is constantly looking for books, pamphlets, articles, wherever the opposition told and shown how to transform the economy of Belarus …

with the question: "Who is funding foreign trip of the head of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka?"
Moreover, at one time the same question I asked in person Liabedzka when he was in the U.S. in the studio, "Voice of America". And I received from him the following reply: "Do not worry, I do not go to the Belarusian taxpayers money." But the specific answer to the question: "Who's that funded your trip to the United States?" I never received.

And one more serious question. Once on the "Freedom" I heard, Mr. Milinkevich said that supposedly knows how to make within five years living in Belarus, the same as in Western Europe. I am often in Belarus (a few times a year) and am constantly looking for books, pamphlets, articles, wherever the opposition told and shown how to transform the Belarusian economy. But, unfortunately, other than unsubstantiated assertions Milinkevich and other opposition members did not convincing — no publications.

If my appeal is left unattended — I will have no choice but to turn to the central press in Belarus ", — Wrote in his letter to freedom Mikhail drugs from Latvia, in Riga.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that you, Mr Michael, occasionally visiting in Belarus, it is hard to find books, pamphlets and other publications with detailed programs of opposition leaders. I wonder where you are they looking for? In bookstores and newsstands? So it is a vain thing. This literature nor Belarusian bookstore does not sell: not allowed. And any individual distributor for such books and pamphlets at risk to get in jail and pay a huge fine: we almost daily to report such cases.

As regards the financing of overseas trips of opposition leaders. You often and insistently repeating us this question in their calls and letters. Several times in the interview and during an online conference of opposition leaders responded to them. The answer was about the same as you have heard from Mr. Lebedko Belarusian taxpayer for such a trip is not paying a dime. Who pays? Obviously, an organization that invites politicians or public figures abroad. This state institutions and international organizations, and various social and charitable foundations that are interested in Belarus to become a modern, democratic European country. All of them take into account the well-known fact that the democratic parties and movements in Belarus, raised in an environment that self-finance these trips are not capable.

And at the end — a brief letter of thanks from theValeria Lebyadkova from Minsk. The listener writes:

"Know that we, who listens and loves" Freedom ", in fact, very much. Your work is extremely necessary for our native Belarus, Belarusians to all honest. "

Thank you, Mr. Valery, to you and to all who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, PO Box 111.

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