Tornado in Texas: photo

Tornado formed in Lancaster, south of Dallas, Texas.

April 3, 2012 a tornado went over the northern regions of Texas, tearing roofs and overturning cars and trucks. The storm, which suddenly turned into a tornado, was named the Meteorological Service of the United States "extremely dangerous."

  1. Destroyed houses in Kennendeyl.

  2. Destroyed houses in Lancaster.

  3. Lancaster residents consider the damage to their property during the tornado.

  4. A resident of Forney considers his home after a tornado.

  5. April Bridges, a resident of Arlington, seeking survivors after a tornado things. Despite the severe damage all there were no casualties.

  6. Jason Moffett takes his surviving property.

  7. David Lowe, a resident of Arlington, is rescued from the rubble of the pet.

  8. Woman talking on the phone in front of the house in Lancaster, where the tornado threw two cars.

  9. Tornado lifted in the air trucks. Many tractor-trailers found on highways and parking lots inverted.

  10. Women look for survivors in the wreckage of things.

  11. Residents and firefighters go on a tornado devastated places, looking in every house.

  12. Tornado moved through the area Dallas Fort Worth.


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