Tornadoes in the United States: photo

The sky before a tornado in Salayne, Kansas.

Tornado is directed toward highway 135 near Maundridzha, Kansas.

The wreckage of mobile homes in a park in Uichitto, Kansas.

Burning wreckage of destroyed mobile homes in Uichitto.

Lightning near the town of Apache, Oklahoma.

Doctors examine the victim in the park houses in Uichitto.

The devastation caused a tornado in the area of mobile homes in the park Uichitto.

Tornado is moving to the city Salayna, Kansas.

Photographer dealing prosecution tornadoes, lightning takes pictures in front of a tornado near the town of Apache, Oklahoma.

Several truck overturned on Interstate 29 in Terman, Iowa.

A truck travels along Interstate 70 north of Kansas City, Solomon, while the tornado moves north.

Destruction in Thurman, Iowa.

Destruction in Thurman, Iowa.


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