Tremble whether bourgeois?

Tremble whether bourgeois?

Not so long ago, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, commenting commissioning missile submarine «Yury Dolgoruky» and missile «Bulava», published in his own microblog phrase instantly dispersed on the news feeds. According to state officials, representatives of the capitalist mode zabugornyh now need to worry, for the commissioning of the newest boat does not promise them anything for a decent, though it was expressed in a more vulgar terms. One of the most fascinating issues associated with this expression is the real reaction of foreign countries on the new Russian submarine and missile.
Despite the «appeals» Rogozin, the main bourgeois own weight in no hurry to indulge in the thrill. Faster on the contrary, they are busy analyzing the situation and try to imagine the geopolitical consequences of the construction of the entire series of submarines of projects 955 and 955A. Needless to say, the analysis sometimes contain within them concern, and some guesses can not be called differently as panic. Yet, the bulk of foreign experts is trying not to indulge in the sacred nightmare and tries to imagine the consequences of today’s Russian operations.
Some analysts zabugornye, heart reluctantly obliged to accept that the construction and commissioning of the new submarine is quite reasonable and the right step. According to the views of a former employee of the Pentagon’s intelligence agency, and now a military professional Rick Norris, while maintaining the current rate our homeland in the next few years will be able to catch up with the U.S. in combat potential strategic forces, and then surpass them. An additional factor that is able to facilitate the implementation of this can become another South American defense budget reductions. With all this action in recent years around the funds allocated by Congress for the defense, hinted that every year the gap between the countries will be reduced.

Norris also sees a great danger in the recent rocket «Bulava». According to him, the hypersonic missile with a low-altitude flight profile can be used for a surprise attack enemy targets as specific trajectory moving almost completely eliminates the possibility of detecting missiles. In addition, the expert considers that the warheads of these missiles with personal guidance only increase the danger of the destination side. Argues that the United States previously suspected Russian Alliance in the plans for the use of low-altitude missile with flight profile for frisky and effective destruction of objects of strategic importance. Now, according to Norris, the potential of such weapons has grown substantially.

Expressions South American professional look to diversify. On the one hand, he is voiced by the already known facts about the problems with the financing of the U.S. defense industry, but on the other hand, expresses the very strange things about the missile potential enemy. «Bulava», with all the advantages of its own, is a ballistic missile. Even when flying at a lower line of motion detection missiles only difficult, but not completely eliminated. Because of this, doubts may arise not only in Norris fears, but even in his competence as an expert analyst. At the same time, the expression of the former employee of the South American military establishment, based on some true facts spetsefichesky may affect the sentiment abroad.

Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, Richard Weitz, in turn, recognizes the highest combat potential new Russian submarines, but not inclined to do from their miracle weapon. According to him, «Bulava» really has the best properties in comparison with other Russian missiles, but once this is not without problems. For example, the Russian navy has received the latest missile with a good delay due to bureaucratic problems of the masses and organizational nature. According to Weitz, not very successful system of coordinating the actions of different companies and organizations ultimately impact not only on the timing of delivery rocket fleet, and on the troubles that accompanied it during the test.

Weitz also does not see in the «Bor» and «Bulava» special cause for concern. In his view, these projects have invested so much effort, money and time that they ultimately may prove the exception to the rule, but not the founders of the modern «tradition». Fellow at the Hudson Institute ranges that in today’s criteria Our homeland is able to conduct a few are as large projects at once. At the same time, selected value as the recovery of nuclear forces by views Weitz may favorably affect not only on the country’s defense, and on international relations. More than would be the development of events in which the gain Russian nuclear forces substantially eliminates all samples of U.S. and NATO missile defense system construction and as a result, will eventually lead to the applicable balance of power.

Even the example just 2-views shows that abroad is no unanimity on the current re Russian armed forces, including the new submarines. Of course coming in, after the commissioning of new submarines with strategic missiles abroad will have new representation and old will change significantly. Already at this time, when new information has not yet appeared, we can make certain guesses. Heterogeneity of beliefs certainly remain, but most likely the expression of constructive sense will sound much more often. If Rick Norris rights and Russian defense capabilities will grow, and the South American defense budget is reduced, the rhetoric becomes almost the only way to keep somehow Russian non-military ways. Because at the moment better get ready to charges unfriendly plans, but do not renounce the construction of new submarines and other military equipment.

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