Troop ships of the Russian Navy will conduct exercises in the Caspian Sea


Crews rocket ship "Tatarstan" and small artillery ship "Astrakhan" Caspian Flotilla Navy Russia completed the training to go to sea. As stated in the report the Ministry of Defense of Russia, sailors will fulfill the tasks of protecting maritime economic activities of the Russian Federation, the counter-terrorism and combating illegal activities in the Caspian Sea.

In preparation for the release crews spent at permanent bases and offshore naval exercises in damage control, detection, seizure and destruction of air targets. The commanders of the ships have passed tests for admission to self-management of the ship.

At sea, the crews will perform complex joint exercises and live firing with air support to destroy surface targets. For young sailors that call-and-officers of college graduates in 2011. given access to the sea will be the first in their naval career.

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