Turkey will flood rains

Turkey will flood rainsLivni has raised questions vacation tour of Italy and Greece.
Now tourist season — just finished the New Year holidays. In Europe in late January travel lovers and economical holiday sales, because after the "naive" hype prices on tours and tickets are much lower. In Turkey, many of the hotels in Antalya and other popular resorts are open, although cold to swim — holidaymakers are flying again for the best prices, relaxation and spa treatments.

Weather, alas, and then spoil the holiday in different countries. Through December and January rains flooded the south of Spain — and that usually there even in the winter the sun shines brightly!

Last Saturday, January 22, heavy rains hit the resort town of Greece and Italy, the site of "Meteonovosti" — Lametstsiya Terme (this is in Calabria) and Pescara, on the Adriatic coast that. The day resulted in the Pescara 82 mm of water. For comparison: in Moscow, as usually falls in the month Saturday snowfall brought the capital only 8 mm. Italians and tourists got 10 times as much, albeit in the form of rain rather than snow flakes.

At the beginning of the week, according to weather forecast, rainy cyclone moved south Balkans, its atmospheric fronts with storm clouds and squally winds reach out to Turkey. Heavy rains are expected on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey — just where are hotels Antalya and Kemer.

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