Two frigates for the week: Chinese project 054A

Two frigates for the week: Chinese project 054A
Despite the fact that the Chinese New Year (Lunar) comes a few weeks after our military industrialists and China could not help noting the coming of 2013. In the last days of last year commissioned Navy People’s Liberation Army of China, includes two new ship.

December 22 in the Northern Fleet naval frigate was adopted Linyi, built in accordance with the project 054A. The ship was built at the shipyard Guangzhou Huangpu Shipbuiding Sompany. In the process of building the new frigate has undergone some changes. So, initially it was planned that it will be another warship project 054. But after the start of the assembly control PLA Navy has decided to change the program from construction. As a result, Linyi became not the 13th ship of the initial project 054, and the third in a series of frigate 054A. New frigate was launched on December 13, 2011, almost a year after being completed and tested.

For a day or three frigates to Linyi shipyard Hudong Shipyard was launching the ship of the same project Liuzhou. Despite the small advance in the timing of the shutter, the ship was adopted in Liuzhou operation later own brother. Ceremony of its adoption in the Southern fleet operation was accomplished on December 26. So Makar, Linyi and Liuzhou Steel twelfth and thirteenth ships project 054A. Noteworthy that only in 2012 the PLA Navy received four such frigates. Seven frigates of Project 054A were built at the Shanghai factory Hudong Shipyard, others — in Guangzhou shipyard Guangzhou Huangpu Shipbuiding Sompany.

After the December ceremonies full amount of frigates and 054 projects 054A equates 15. Two of them were built in accordance with the Project 054, the other — by refreshed 054A. 6 ships in the current time are on the eastern and southern fleets, three — in the North. The first two ships of the family belonging to the project 054, were commissioned in 2005 and 2006. Transfer Navy frigates of Project 054A comes with 2008. In late spring and summer of 2012 at both shipyards were launched two frigates «054A», which at the present time are tested. In addition, in late November in Shanghai was launched another ship. At the moment it being completed at the quay wall. So Makar, all have reason to believe that the stocks 2-yards there are still a certain number of ships in various stages of readiness.

The main goal pursued in the development of projects 054 and 054A, was the substitution of obsolete frigates of Project 053, made another first 70s of the last century. When designing the project refreshed 054A Chinese development organizations working in cooperation with the Russian Northern Design Bureau. As a result, such cooperation was allegedly unable to give the project a modern look 054A and execute it in accordance with the new trends of the ships of this class.

During the processing of the initial draft nekordinalno 054 frigates increased dimensions: length increased by two meters and was 134 m, and the case widened to 16 meters. By filling the additional volumes of various equipment and payload displacement frigates of Project 054A palpably grown in comparison with the initial project. Thus, the default value of this indicator increased from 3,500 to 3,600 tons, and the largest — 3900 to 4050 tons. With all this power plant of the ship endured small configuration. Like their predecessors, the project 054A frigates equipped with 4 diesel engines SEMT Pielstick 16 PA6V-280 of the French production. The total capacity of such power plants exceeds 25 thousand horsepower. Engines torque is transmitted to the two propellers. Four diesel engines provide the highest speed of less than 28-30 knots. At economical speed of 18 knots can overcome frigate order 3800 miles. Crew frigates and 054 projects 054A consists of 160 people.

As stated, the project 054A frigates carry a full set of all the necessary electronic equipment. So, they are equipped with radars «Type 382» created to review the surrounding space, and stations «Type 344» and «Type 345». Last created for target detection and tracking, and for controlling antiship and antiaircraft missiles respectively. In addition, frigates «054A» equipped with sonar, navigation systems, electronic intelligence complexes and oppression. All electrical systems are connected frigates voedinyzhdy combat information and control system Thomson-CSF TAVITAC French production. To transfer data between the various units of electrical equipment used tire HN-900.

Chinese frigate Linyi, built in accordance with the Project 054A. Source: Military Review

The main innovation in the project 054A, on arms is a universal vertical launcher, allowing direct and carry up to 32 missiles of different classes. Regular equipment of this installation are anti-aircraft missiles HQ-16 is a copy of Russian / Russian missile complex «Book». Such missiles provide self-defense ship at a distance of 25-30 km. Principal means to combat enemy ships are anti-ship cruise missiles YJ-83. Having little enormous dimensions compared with anti-aircraft missiles HQ-16, anti-YJ-83 can hit targets at a range of about 200 km. Barreled weapons frigates of Project 054A consists of a single gun mount PJ26 with a gun caliber 76 mm (created on the basis of Russian / Russian AK-176) and 2-seven-30-mm anti-aircraft machine «Type 730». Also in the armed frigates includes two 324-mm torpedo tubes and jet setting bombometnye to fight the enemy submarines.

At the rear of the superstructure frigates of Project 054A provided hangar, which allows you to carry the volume of helicopter Harbin Z-9C, the Ka-27 or similar. Roll-out of the helicopter on the helipad deck is done through the huge doors at the rear of the hangar. Based on available data, not counting the very helicopter hangar can be placed in various anti-submarine and anti-ship weapons, used helicopters.

In 2009, there were reports about the end of the development of the next version of Project 054. According to various sources, the first ship of Project 054A + (also denoted by the index «054B») currently being completed and will soon be launched. Project with the letter «A +» or «B» 054A differs from the composition of electronic equipment, the use of military information and control system, and maybe weapons. All have reason to believe the introduction of new models of anti-aircraft and anti-missile. Yet, while the official Chinese sources are silent and do not reveal technical details of the project 054A +.

If the rumors in 2009 to begin construction of the first ship of project 054A + correspond to reality, most recently, worth the wait, at least, its launching. At the same time, there are no official data on this ship yet, and Chinese sailors in the current time prefer to «show off» new frigates project 054A.

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