Two people died in the floods in Fiji

March 31. Two people were killed and at least five are reported missing in the floods in Fiji, according to the Associated Press Saturday, citing local newspaper Fiji Times.

The sharp rise of water began on Thursday. At the moment, many people remain locked in their homes. About 2.4 thousand people sent to evacuation centers.

According to the state meteoportala, rains caused flooding, will continue in the coming days.

Recent flooding in Fiji, in January of this year, claimed the lives of 11 people. Element was caused heavy rains, and the flood was accompanied by landslides.

Source: RIA Novosti

Thousands of people left their homes because of the Fiji floods

Severe flooding in Fiji has carried away at least two lives, caused thousands of people to flee their homes. This is reported by foreign media.

Strong rains that hit the island nation, also led to the complete closure of the airport. Hundreds of tourists are forced to take refuge in the hotel complexes on the hill, because the bridge leading from the capital of Fiji, Suva to Nadi terminal building, was washed flow boiling water.

In March 2010, Cyclone "Thomas" has led to the introduction of a state of emergency in the country and caused the most devastating flood in the islands in the history of meteorological observations.



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