Typhoon Sunbeam strike on Okinawa

© Yomiuri Yomiuri | Reuters

September 16. Large and powerful typhoon "Sunbeam" passed through Okinawa — the largest island of the Japanese archipelago, the Ryukyus. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, at this time the center of the typhoon was located about 60 km west-southwest of Naha — the main city of the prefecture and shifted to the north at a speed of 25 km / h

Pressure was assumed to be 925 hPa, the maximum wind speed was 45 m / s (162 km / h). In Naha dropped 95 mm of precipitation, Miyazaki — 134 mm. According to the Japanese TV channel NHK, serious consequences were avoided, what is the main merit of the "Sunbeam", which began and ceased to be dissipated supertyphoon.

However, the typhoon continues to shift to the north in the vicinity of Kyushu. Total rainfall could reach 350 mm in some areas of western Japan.

The trajectory of the typhoon "Sunbeam." © NHK

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