Typhoon Talas in Japan. Picture story

In Himeji at Higashiyama residents in order to protect the residential area from flood waters near their homes stacked sandbags. 30,000 people in western Japan were warned of possible evacuation.

Flooding that occurred as a result of heavy rains have caused disruptions in transportation, closed traffic on many high-speed motorway sections.

Heavy rains are in the midst of the typhoon — coastal islands of Shikoku and the south-western part of Honshu. Because of the typhoon began flooding, landslides gone, destroyed roads, more than 90 million homes were without electricity.

Forecasters predict that in the next two days of typhoon "Talas" come to Primorye, where heavy rains are also expected with hurricane winds. The region declared a storm warning.

Photo: Buddhika Weerasinghe / Getty Images


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