Typhoon Talas struck a powerful blow to Japan

Victims of typhoon "Talas" in Japan were 27 people, 54 more missing.  Photo: ITAR-TASS

Victims of typhoon "Talas" in Japan were 27 people, 51 are still considered missing, said naviny.by.

When rescue operations can be carried out in full scale, these figures could Age.

On Saturday, September 3, impact of elements came to the island of Shikoku, Nara and Wakayama prefectures. In several districts, the river overflowed, causing the flow of water and landslides washed away entire houses. About 3.6 thousand people were trapped in flooded homes. In the same prefecture, according to preliminary reports, the landslide killed two people, and four were missing.

Currently, the typhoon left the territory of Japan and moving toward the Khabarovsk and Primorye Territory, where authorities have declared a storm warning.


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