U.S. Geological faults in the Tahoe were more dangerous than expected

May 27. According to the results of the geological survey, faults in the earth's crust to the west of Lake Tahoe, California, USA, or the frontal fault zone Tahoe Sierra, are capable of generating an earthquake even more force than previously thought. Their magnitude can reach 6,3-6,9 points, which is fraught with extensive landslides along the steep bank of the Tagus. This poses a serious threat to the state of Nevada and California.

The faults in the western part of. Tahoe. The solid line shows the possible presence of faults, points — the hidden faults. Translucent white boxes indicate the possible limits of faults, more intense white lines — the main boundary fault.

With modern equipment, despite the dense thickets of the forest, USGS scientists and their colleagues at the University of Nevada at Reno and the University of California at Berkeley confirmed major new fractures in Tahoe. The data were transferred to the card. After researching the offset of glacial deposits formed 21 and 70 thousand years at the bottom of the lake and in the cortex, it was concluded that the strength of earthquakes in this area was high, and the potential seismic activity remained.

Close monitoring of the fracture site will help specialists to react in time to a possible earthquake or other manifestation of the activity detected faults.

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