U.S.: milk spiked jet fuel




A study by the Organization for the Protection of the Environment Environmental Working Group (EWG), pregnant women and children of California, drinking the milk of local cows fed with nutrients contained in milk, … rocket fuel.

EWG is working with the federal government to essentially setting new standards regulating perchlorate: a constituent of the explosive rocket fuel that causes thyroid cancer.

Perchlorate found in drinking water in more than 20 U.S. states, including California. It was found in large quantities in the Colorado River. The water from this river is used for irrigation, grass, from which the cows eat later. While the experts of the EWG did not call on citizens to renounce the use of milk. Scientists do not exactly set the maximum permissible levels of perchlorate in water content.

In March this year, scientists came to the conclusion that perchlorate is hazardous to health, if its content in drinking water is greater than the proportion of 6 units of perchlorate to one billion units of water — this value may be taken as the first national standard. It should be noted that many environmental groups say the figure is strongly overestimated, and more secure standard — one billionth of perchlorate in drinking water.

Department of the Ministry of Health to monitor the quality of food and medicines has conducted a study and determined that 31 of the 32 packets of milk purchased in stores in Los Angeles, the level of perchlorate was 1.3 units perchlorate 1 billion units of water.

"At this stage of the investigation we can not say that this level is dangerous for health," — said one of the leaders of the study, which is conducted in parallel and at the Technical University of Texas.

Curious data from a study conducted by the University of California. Thus, the level of 100 units of perchlorate to 1 billion units of water will not cause any harm to the body adult. But it is unknown how this will affect the amount of perchlorate on children and pregnant women.

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Source: MIGnews

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