U.S.: planets and stars can not without ether




Scientists at Ohio University have discovered that in some parts of the Galaxy formaldehyde-based compound is a hundred times more common than they should be, based on the existing theories. This discovery could change our understanding of the formation of organic matter in the universe and how the interaction of these molecules with dust particles contribute to the formation of stars and planets.

The researchers compared the results of the experiment an international team of chemists and observations of methyl formate (ester produced from methanol and formaldehyde) in rotating clouds of dust that dot our galaxy. According to the data collected by the telescope, when gaseous methyl formate translate into a liquid form, the typical dust cloud would contain 37 billion cubic kilometers of material.

Interstellar dust clouds contain chemical "seeds" of new stars and planetary systems. Scientists have long known that hydrogen is the most abundant gas in the universe, about 10 years ago, it was found a large quantity of alcohol in the dust clouds. The presence of methyl formate are also evidence that other molecules may play a more important role in the formation of stars and planets than previously thought, scientists.

Earlier, three groups of chemists from the U.S., Canada and Norway conducted a series of experiments to find out how from alcohol and other molecules could be methyl formate. Researchers at Ohio University have used this data to build a new model of cosmic reactions, and then used this model to predict how many of methyl formate is formed in a typical interstellar dust cloud. They then compared these results with the radio spectrum of dust clouds, which allowed them to identify unique chemical traces for different molecules contained in them. Radio spectrum showed that the average ratio of the number of hydrogen molecules to the molecules of methyl formate — a billion to one. But a model developed by the researchers predicted the existence of only one hundredth of that amount.

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