UFOs do not care to explain. They just fly




June 24, 1947 was first officially recorded in the appearance of a UFO. The pilot and businessman Kenneth Arnold of Boise, piloting a small plane, I saw near the mountains Reiner 9 similar plates of objects that were flying formation at about 1,200 miles per hour. Post Arnold was accompanied by observations of witnesses, including reports of military and civilian pilots and air traffic controllers of the United States. After a sensational report of Arnold, in which for the first time sounded the term "flying saucer", and started the registration of unidentified flying objects. Since then, more than 8000 observed cases of their occurrence.

I was acquainted with a man who not only personally seen a "flying saucer", but also fought heroically crawled out of the womb UFO humanoids. Fighter against the alien named Bob Mnemonic, and I met with him in the clinic Korsakov (that there was no misunderstanding, I will explain: I myself was not treated, but was only on duty) … But seriously, the existence of the "plateaus" I believe, though, and did not see them not once. Another thing is that the version of their "space" essence seems to me doubtful. However, since the "manifestations" UFO humanity has put forward some 37 versions of the origin of these objects, and so everyone has the right to choose the one that he likes. Of course, consider all of these hypotheses in this article is not possible, so try to limit most interesting. But first, a little touch upon the history of this phenomenon. There are UFOs, certainly not in 1947, but much earlier. According Ph.D., head of the research association "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov, "if you believe the written chronicles, unidentified objects were observed at all times and everywhere." Something similar to the image of "plateaus" archaeologists have discovered in the caves of China, in the cave of La Passiega (Spain), But Von de Goma in the province of Dordogne (France). These drawings appear to have been made 10-15 million years ago. In addition, numerous references to UFOs are found in the ancient chronicles. For example, the IV. BC Indian manuscripts describing the technical device of flying saucers "vimaanas" and even pointed out how, at what speed, at what altitude these "Vimana" fly. According to estimates V.Chernobrova in the works of Titus Libya descriptions round flying balls and discs, there 30 times, Pliny the Elder — 26, with Dio Cassius — 14, in Cicero — 9. In the analysis of 50 works of Roman authors found that the flame-bright objects appear in the sky when no less than 39 times, flying "shields" — 11 times, the balls — 8, the night "Sun" — 5. In the Middle Ages, Chernobrov writes, "it is literally impossible to find a country where there would be fixed in the sky" wheels "," balls "," wheel "," dish "," haystack "," fish. "In Russia remained documented occurrence one such object August 15, 1663 over the village Robozero in Vologda. Locals and priests and a half hours watched the instant disappearance, appearance and maneuvers over the lake glowing sphere with a diameter of about 40 meters. "

Study of UFOs in the USSR began in 1946, when engineer and science fiction AP Kazantsev hypothesized that the Tunguska explosion was caused by the 1908 accident alien aircraft. Since 1956, JA Fomin, Senior Lecturer, Department of Automation of the Moscow Technological Institute of Food Industry, began studying foreign literature on UFOs and collect the first data on UFO sightings in the Soviet Union. In 1959, he was joined by engineers BV Makarov and V. Gulikov. And in January 1961, the newspaper "Pravda" published an article entitled "The Myth of" flying saucers "in which academic LAArtsimovich argued that" the plates and other material objects, allegedly appearing in the sky, there is as much as glare on the water or a rainbow in the sky, that is, Only light in the game environment. Everything else is either self-deception or deliberate falsification of the facts. "As a result of this and other publications Fomin was expelled from the All-Union Society for dissemination of political and scientific knowledge, and the work on the study of" plateaus "in the Soviet Union for many years stopped. However, the exact also approached the problem of UFO official science and the "free" West. authoritative commission in the United States, compiled from influential scientists analyzed the eyewitness, came to the following conclusion: all cases either fiction or hallucinations mentally ill people. Meanwhile, the "small plates "continued to appear, and the number of" mentally ill "is rapidly growing. And" go crazy "began not only ordinary citizens but also space explorers. 1 July 1966 NASA in the media officially acknowledged that U.S. astronauts have seen UFOs, but later denied this information. Also, there is information that is sometimes accompanied by a UFO out to the orbit of the Soviet spacecraft.

Today that UFOs do exist, apparently, has little doubt. For example, in France, since 1977 there is a government service responsible for the collection and systematization of information on UFOs received from citizens, police and aviation. A similar service is officially exists in Peru, and unofficially — in many countries.

As already mentioned above, the hypotheses on the origin of the strange objects, there are many. The priorities are the following: 1) UFO — a product of human activity, and 2) UFO — a manifestation of natural processes on Earth, in the atmosphere and in space, and 3) UFO — a manifestation of extraterrestrial civilizations. The representatives of official science has for many years worked adhere the first and second versions. So American astrophysicist D.Menzel, who wrote the book "The flying saucers", states categorically that the mysterious celestial phenomena are explained by an abnormal proliferation of light rays in the atmosphere. Domestic researchers converge on the idea that "the vast majority of the phenomena perceived by witnesses as something abnormal, associated with the technical activities of mankind, booming in the last decade or rare forms of natural phenomena." By the way, this statement does not explain why the UFO seen and when the "technical activities of mankind" nahodilast in its infancy. Hence, there is a nod to the natural phenomenon or an "expression of the collective unconscious."

The version given in the above list, the third, the number of adherents, of course, is a hypothesis "№ 1". In the 50's, many were in no doubt that UFOs arrive from Mars. Now popular was "interstellar" hypothesis — UFO puts in our skies from other galaxies.

But there is more than the original version and, rather than "alien affairs." So Krasnoyarsk Poluian researcher Paul, author of "The elimination of the UFO," argues that "flying saucers" were created in the late 40's. in a secret project the U.S. Air Force, and numerous incidents involving UFOs in the United States in the years associated with the process of testing the device and use it for military purposes. However, he is not alone. Some time ago, a number of Italian UFO researchers have suggested that a UFO — it secret military ships earthly realms. However, this hypothesis is unlikely untenable: UFO recall occurred long before the appearance of any aircraft. Another researcher, M.Talbot, a hypothesis about the origin of UFOs, which is based on the assumption that "flying saucers" — is only "pretending" protein chameleon adapts to the our minds and sometimes even mesmerizing us.

Author of "Aliens: A new culture. New religion. New man" of the opinion that with us there is a parallel world of ultra slim, with his intelligent creatures inhabiting "different compared to people of nature." These beings do not live on distant planets, and next to us. Needless to say, that under these beings by means of demons … However, there is quite the opposite theory, whose adherents believe that UFO's — that is the Almighty or His messengers …

In general, everyone believes in it and wants to believe that he lacks imagination. Apparently only one thing — a UFO himself from it, neither hot nor cold. How to fly and fly, mean …

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