UK: in Antarctica built a miniature city




British Halley Bay in Antarctica will be rebuilt using the latest advances in science and technology.

Tuesday, June 29, at the Royal Institute of British Architects announced the results of the competition for the hotel project and research laboratories, which will be built on the shelf ice.

Five precursors of modern Halley Bay annually drowned by 1 meter due under the buildings melted ice and snow drifts. Antarctic summer living there up to 50 people, and the winter is not less than 16 researchers.

Winter temperatures in this region of the Earth falls to minus 55 degrees Celsius, so that the construction work outdoors are possible only in January and February, when the air is heated up to 5 degrees below zero. In this case, within a radius of about 5000 kilometers no supplier of building materials.

The project worth 19 million pounds entrusted with the British Antarctic research agency. According to its director, Chris Rapley, the site of the station will be set up miniature city with its own power supply, facilities for disposal of household waste, the structures of life support and communications.

According to the website of the newspaper Guardian, provides for the establishment of a permanent airport and sea port for the organization of an uninterrupted supply of the polar station, which was launched almost 50 years ago. It was here that in 1985, the first time scientists have discovered a "hole" in the ozone layer.

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