UK: Scientists have discovered the fidelity gene




How to turn Don Juan into a respectable father of a family? The answer to this question is found by British scientists.

According to BBC, the researchers found a "fidelity gene" — so far only in mice. During earlier experiments, the researchers noticed a link between the monogamous behavior of these rodents and the amount of a hormone called vasopressin.

But it turned out that the brain responds to different mice for the presence of the hormone is not the same: the behavior of the mouse varies from absolute fidelity to random partner change. Scientists injected into the brain of male secondary receptor, which responds to the hormone. And were the offspring of mice prone to monogamy. Receptor called the "fidelity gene".

Now researchers are trying to find out whether a similar gene affect various disorders of social behavior, such as autism, according to NTV.

News.Battery.Ru — Accumulator News, 17.06.2004 16:55
Source: NTV

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