Ukraine threatens powerful flow of climate refugees

One of the consequences of global warming may be the emergence of powerful streams of climate refugees that will be sent to Ukraine, where the effects of climate change should not be so catastrophic. This can cause social tension, a significant additional burden on the economy of the state and, in the absence of adequate migration policy will have unpredictable consequences, the article says Irina Trofimova "Deadlock or incentive to act?" For ZN.UA.

In addition, the effects of climate change may be the decline of the agricultural sector and the destruction of infrastructure and housing, which in our country is not adapted to natural disasters.

All this threatens to Ukraine because of a lack of understanding by politicians and bureaucrats need to adapt to climate change, combined with the need to solve a considerable amount of social and economic problems that have accumulated in Ukraine, especially in conditions of limited financial resources.

In Ukraine, there are two different, but related national programs — to prevent climate change and the national program for climate change adaptation. And if Ukraine is almost the best in the world, promoting the Kyoto mechanisms, the process of developing a national action plan for adaptation to climate change is moving very slowly.

There are several reasons, including the high level of uncertainty in the scientific evidence about the pace and extent of global warming and climate change on the livelihoods of people, economies and ecosystems of Ukraine, weak legal and institutional framework for the development and implementation of policies on adaptation climate, lack of public awareness on the issue.

The last factor to persons producing and selling the state of socio-economic policies, means lack of understanding of the scale of threats and potential economic losses that occurred in the lifetime of this generation.

The main problem, which is difficult to solve — is funding for national plans for adaptation to climate change. There is nothing to hope for full funding from the state budget. Resources of a large business, but do not understand that the loss from the effects of climate change could be huge right now. For example, due to increased likelihood of accidents at power generating plants due to increased frequency of extreme weather events and natural disasters. But the problems of food security, which may arise in the event of inaction in terms of adapting agriculture to climate change, can lead to social explosions that will destroy any business.

But at the same time, the inflow of huge numbers of refugees would mean more cheap labor. That is, the problems with the force hired for agricultural, construction, and transportation will not be exact. Although it is unlikely they will be able to provide high quality services, such as with the delicate task as transportation piano can handle only a professional company, well established. So if you need quality — uses the services of organizations specializing on them.

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