Ukrainian Correspondent, conflict with Moscow went to the benefit of Belarus

Cooling relations Kremlin and Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus has benefited — stated in an article published Ukrainian edition of "Correspondent", issued by the holding company of an American citizen Jed Sunden.

It appears in the publication, "the conflict with Russia and the rise in price of gas went to Minsk to benefit. Three years of intensive liberal reforms in Belarus had to beat Poland and Spain in terms of doing business. Yesterday outcast — Belarus, with its total state control of the economy is rapidly becoming a one of the most attractive sites in Europe for investment. "

"Minsk resembles a huge construction site … In the next three years, its doors will open at Hayatt, Hilton, Redisson and Kempinski, whose construction is in full swing, "- the newspaper notes.

According to an annual ranking of ease of doing business (Doing Business 2010), which are published by the World Bank, for three years, Belarus has made an incredible leap and moved from 129th place to 58th, ahead of Spain, Poland and even China.

In this case, the leadership of Belarus announced ambitious plans by the end of next year to enter the top 30 places to do business.

According to the poll, which "reporter" conducted among businessmen, recent years Belarus has made tangible steps to combat bribery. As a result of the fact that his own company, you can register quickly with a minimal amount of documents, investors have flocked to the country.

To take such steps emphasizes the publication, Minsk, "lack of money forced the banal."

"The bursting in 2007 at the seams of friendship with Russia and, as a consequence, a significant increase in the price of oil and gas, the country's leadership was forced to look for alternative sources of revenue for the treasury" — the authors explain the material.

Economy Minister Nicholas Snapkou Ukrainian magazine said that Minsk has since realized the fallacy of the course to working with only one "strategic partner" — Russia.

"Right now intensively growing number of investors from Latvia and the U.S. crisis … recent showed that one partner can not get carried away, and unprofitable "- summed up Snapkou.


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