UN has prepared a resolution that recognizes the legitimate government of Syrian rebels

Text:Russia Today

Qatar and Saudi Arabia, with the support of a number of European countries have prepared the document in which the official authority responsible for SAR bloodshed of recent years and there is "widespread recognition" of the opposition coalition in the world.

At the same time, the draft resolution, drawn up by the Persian oil powers together with the UK, the U.S. and France, praised"Peace initiatives"opposition and the Arab League. The document notes that the new communiqué NKORS visible"Commitment to the transition to a democratic political means and multinational Syria", as well as"All citizens have equal rights regardless of gender, religion or race". 

Also touches upon chemical weapons, around which almost a month tense debate. Despite the fact that in its application March 19 suspected opposition requirement"Abstain from the use or transfer"such weapons and"Related materials"drawn instead to the official Damascus.

The Syrian government also condemned in numerous violations of humanitarian law in the country, including the killing of civilians, summary executions, indiscriminate artillery and mortar fire. At the same time a similar action fighters as well as arranged by their terrorist acts in the text do not appear.

The draft resolution also has a point upon countries to actively fund humanitarian activities in Syria. It is worth noting that Qatar and Saudi Arabia for a long time supplying the opposition weapon, despite repeated statements by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that it only leads to a widening of the conflict.

However, in the United Nations draft resolution may not get the support of the majority. The fact is that in the past month, the Arab League decision to grant opposition coalition, the Syrian government's position provoked sharp criticism from some countries. In particular, the Russian permanent representative to the UNVitaly Churkinsaid that this step League"Finally withdrew himself from the process of finding a political solution to the crisis".

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