Under Africa found huge reserves of fresh water

Scientists believe that Africa is arid above the underground water tank having a large size. The volume of this water may exceed the amount of water available on land, at 100.

In Africa, about 300 million people lack clean, safe drinking water, and in the next decade due to population growth and agriculture situation can only get worse. However, the stresses that the massive opening for the extraction wells found water can lead to negative consequences.

At the moment, the British Geological Survey and University College London have created a detailed map of the hidden underground sources in Africa, based on the former hydrological maps and conducted 283 investigations. Also assess the performance of stocks of water found throughout the continent. It is surprising that in arid and marked with the "water shortage" areas such as North Africa, Libya, Algeria and Chad, underground sources in sedimentary basins have a huge potential, which is important to dispose of skill. The thickness of the water-saturated layer reaches up to 75 meters.

Due to some climate changes over the centuries turned the Sahara desert, its underwater springs last replenished over 5000 years ago. In order not to disturb the balance of underground and suddenly not devastate the sources to be drilled right and carefully planned wells using hand pumps and small, slow withdrawal of water. Then over time, it will be possible to meet the requirements for drinking water and to expand agricultural land, using more sophisticated irrigation systems.

Africa's water supply can successfully combat climate change than previously thought.

Discovery will help Africa cope with future climate change. After all, even in conditions of severe drought underwater source at moderate ispolzvanii may last 20-70 years.

Source: ecowars.tv

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