Unique medium-range anti-aircraft «Buk-2M»

Unique medium-range anti-aircraft
Perfectly clear that in modern military conflicts is one of the main shock is applied by means of air defense aircraft attacking side.

On this day confrontation aviation and air defense is the main factor determining the future development of military conflict.
In the criteria of enemy air attack task MANPADS — kill strike group aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, attacking with small and great heights.

In order to perform these tasks in the criteria of constant electronic countermeasures, Russian developers have developed and launched in the creation of a new anti-aircraft operational designation «Buk-2M», having adopted a guided missile 9M317. Export complex is titled «Buk-M2E.»

Owning the highest mobility, rich multichannel equipment with wide combat abilities, the zenith of the RK «Buk-2M» is intended for the destruction:
— strategic and tactical aircraft aviation;
— helicopters;
— air, cruise, tactical ballistic missiles;
— unmanned aerial vehicles;
— bombs.
The complex also able to create fire:
— ground and surface радиолокационноконтрастных objects;

Unique medium-range anti-aircraft

SAM «Buk-2M» can work and do set tasks as independently, and as part of group-defense forces. Control is ASU «Glade-D4M1» air defense missile brigade in mixed group or with the introduction of other ASU having conjugation with complex communication protocols.

Command post «Buk-2M» has the ability to process incoming information about the situation on 50 air targets. Processing takes place either in an existing SOC, or SOC higher command Fri Also the command post complex «Buk-2M» after the information processing produces the intended purposes for RPN and SDA.

It is staffed complex «Buk-2M» is able to kill 24 air targets.

Unique medium-range anti-aircraft

Zone acts complex:
— 3-40 km in distance at a speed of about 850 goals m / s;
— 45 km in distance at a speed of about 300 goals m / s;
— Height defeat — 15-25000 meters;
— defeat missiles at ranges of up to 20 km;
— bombs and defeat aviaraket at an altitude of 100-20,000 meters;
— the possibility of defeat enemy planes and helicopters to 0.95;
— the possibility of defeat tactical missiles to 0.7;
— the possibility of defeat cruise missiles to 0.8;
— the possibility of defeat helicopters hovering to 0.4.
Reaction time «Buk-2M» about 11 seconds.
Guided missile 9M317 air defense complex «Buk-2M» method uses inertial guidance with electronic adjustment, on a plot of the output to the target cut one private homing system.
The complex is made for all-weather deployment. Temperature range -50 — +50 degrees Celsius, with humidity up to 98 percent.
Martial compartments have heating and air conditioning system. The complex can be mounted on wheeled or tracked chassis with high maneuverability.

Complete structure of the SAM «Buk-2M»:
— guided missiles 9M317;
— 9A317 and 9A318 JMA;
— 9A316 and 9A320 ROM;
a control system:
— 9S510 command post;
— Radar detection 9S18M1-3;
— «RPN» — radar guidance and illumination 9S36.
In SAM «Buk-2M» 9K317 can use 2-type firing sections:
— four sections on one ROM and 1 JMA with simultaneous destruction 4 targets with embossed areas 2 meters;
— two sections 2 and 1 RPN ROM with simultaneous destruction 4 targets with relief terrain 2o meters;
Adjustable chassis:
— JMA installed crawler GM-569;
— ROM — crawler GM-577;
— KP — crawler GM-579 or 9001 trailer wheeled chassis;
— Radar detection — crawler GM-567M;
— RPN — crawler or wheeled trailer 9001 chassis;
Creating a unique serial anti-missile system of medium-range «Buk-2M» and its export version «Buk-2M» engaged in Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant.
The factory was conducted a range of operations on the reorganization and re-equipment of production methods with more modern equipment. Commissioned a plant for the production of antenna systems. Created its own training center and training professionals for training its own and foreign experts for TOiE produced complexes.

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