United Kingdom: the Aral Sea has changed peoples genes




Environmental disaster related to the Aral Sea, it had a negative impact on the health of the population of the area. Scientists believe that due to the nature of genetic disorders, the effects can be manifested not only in living, but in the next few generations. The exact answer is not yet able to give one.

In addition to the negative impact on the economy of the region, which leads to malnutrition of the population, frequent anemia, tuberculosis infections. Of great concern to physicians is an unusually wide spread of cancer of the esophagus, in which the region came in first place in the world.

This pathology is 80 percent of the total cancer incidence in the Aral Sea. Scientists have long blamed in pesticides used in cotton planting, but now they have proof due to genetic disorders. This work was carried out by researchers from the Center for Genetic Research at Oxford University.

They focused on genetic marker 8-OHdG and found that the incidence of damage to it in DNA samples obtained from people in the region of 3.5 times higher than in the U.S.. And farm workers who work in constant contact with harmful chemicals, the prevalence of this disorder was five times higher.

As suggested by the head of the study, Dr. Spencer Wells (Spencer Wells), this may result in not only the deterioration in the health of people living today. In his view, a mutation in the gene can be passed from generation to generation and, though to clarify this issue will require further investigation.

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Source: Mednovosti.ru

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