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Since the days of the Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso, in the middle of the last century, scientists are trying to find a man traits for which one could predict that it will become a criminal. Today on external features, such as fused or pointed ears, eyebrows, modern science has shifted to finding hidden physiological or biochemical parameters that would proactively identify people who are prone to break the law …

It seems such a figure, and, moreover, easily detectable without complex analyzes and special instruments, found an American psychologist Adrian Raine. On the basis of a large statistical material he claims to have children who will be in the future tend to increased aggression and antisocial behavior, heart rate at rest less than those who grow up in a normal, quiet and peace-loving adults. This rate is more important for the future of the child than even the fact that he grew up surrounded by hardened criminals. If in three years reduced the pulse of a child, then to 11 years had already manifested antisocial tendencies. In support of his observations, Professor Rein results and observation of the animal world: at the most aggressive species of mammals heart beats less likely than their more peaceful counterparts.

Which may account for this pattern? Raine and his colleagues have put forward two hypotheses. Perhaps the slow rhythm of the heart shows low activity of the cerebral cortex. Such a man is the main part of the lives of almost asleep, and somehow to perk up, he needs to cheer up the brain's aggression, a violation of generally accepted norms.

Another hypothesis: low heart rate may indicate a reduced level of fear of the individual. Usually a fear of sanctions from the society makes people adhere to any rules to curb his natural aggressiveness. As a result, the child gradually develops what is called conscience. If an innate sense of fear is weakened, such a person can go on the offense. On the other hand, this characteristic is positive. Thus, the study of British physicians during the Falklands War showed that the sappers defuse mines, heart rate decreased.

In any case, the stress psychologists, hope to find the "mark of Cain" on which you can pre-allocate the criminals from the mass of respectable citizens, is unlikely to be justified. It was found that the examined physiologists killers front portion of the frontal lobe, usually by volume less than that of ordinary people. Professor Rein went on tomographic study, and found that his frontal lobes are typical for the killers. "According to some indicators, whether they are biological or social, will never be able to find people who are prone to transgress the law," — says the Rhine.

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