United States found confirmation meteorite theory causes death of the dinosaurs




Researchers from the University of PerdyuPurdue Unieversity reported that they found additional evidence that the dinosaurs died in the fall of a large meteorite. However, the immediate cause of death of these animals was the darkening atmosphere of the Earth. According to this theory, about 65 million years ago, a large meteorite fell on the territory of modern Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The effect of the fall of the celestial body like a giant bomb insert effect: Within a few hours on the Earth's surface fire swept through a vortex that destroyed a significant part of the large animals. After that, however, the particles of soot and dust rose into the air and covered the earth dark veil, which is practically blocked access to the planet's surface to sunlight. As a result, the survivors dinosaurs died from cold and starvation. The dust cover was present for a long time. Researchers have found evidence that at about this time the temperature of the oceans has fallen sharply, resulting in the death of many thermophilic marine organisms. A process of warming ocean lasted a long time, which indicates that the shroud of dust in the atmosphere gradually disappeared.

News.Battery.Ru — Accumulator News, 25/06/2004 11:23
Source: Washington ProFile

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