USA. Gary ghost town. The birthplace of Michael Jackson

Continuing the theme: City of Ghosts. U.S. state of Indiana, Gary City. The birthplace of Michael Jackson.

The city is located in the north of the United States, in the state of Indiana, south-eastern suburb of Chicago, located on the southern shore of Lake Michigan. The birthplace of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Founded in 1906, the U.S. Steel Corporation. Together with the adjacent points of East Chicago, Indiana Harbor, and others form the largest center of the U.S. steel industry, in the industry employs 100 thousand people., Including 80 thousand in metallurgy and related industries (coke chemistry, construction materials, metalworking).

In 1960, the city reached its peak population of up to 178,320 people, but over time, unemployment, crime and other residents forced to leave the city.

Gary began to acquire the status of a troubled city. Surrounding suburbs became concentrated poverty. The increased outflow of people leaving tracts of vacant land and a countless number of vacant buildings. In the central streets for miles boarded up shops and restaurants. Rarely where you can find an open point of fast food with twinkling lights.

In 1979, the city has less than 40 companies. Open in 1978, Sheraton Hotel, went bankrupt in 5 years and closed in 1984. Expenditure on the hotel for a couple of years after the discovery exceeded revenue and the owners unprofitable hotel business were forced to pass the hotel to the city to pay off debts. But in 1983, the city has also been unable to pay their bills for utilities hotel, and was followed by the dismissal of about 400 employees.

In the period 1980-1990, the population declined by 25%. The 2000 census showed Gary had a population of 102,746 people, among them 25.8% of the population below the poverty line. Employees Census Bureau also noted that Gary has the highest percentage of African-American residents than any other city in the United States with a population of 100,000 or more.

Gary is now a real ghost town. People him almost completely forgotten and left to break a lot of beautiful buildings and streets.


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