USA. Preppers — willing even to the zombie apocalypse

Despite the fact that the date of 21.12.12 is long past, and you can already breathe calmly and deeply, among Americans continues to grow panic, that Zombie apocalypse, or banal end of the world still come. Moreover, there is even a movement called Preppers, the members of which impact buy food and weapons, cars and booked build their own shelters

If suddenly the world was neither electricity nor mobile phones, no banks, no Internet, no TV, no emergency services. Highways would be filled with cars, the sky began to fall airplanes. After some time, would become apparent that the light does not return, the state plunged into chaos in major cities riots break out, the government overthrown. And in all this mess there is an organized group of militias, armed and ready to establish their own laws.

This apocalyptic story — the script of the new American TV series "The Revolution", the show which begins this week. So, what would you do in a situation like this you? This question members of the subculture known as the «Preppers» (prepared), which prepared for any disaster, asking himself for years.

Preppers look at the world around you and see the huge number of potential threats — economic collapse, global warming, terrorism, nuclear war, the reduction of energy supplies, asteroid strikes and yes, a long power outage. They came to the conclusion that the end of the world as we know it, is just around the corner, the time comes and you need to prepare for the total collapse of society.

It is estimated that the number of Preppers in the U.S. have three million and the number is growing. Many American Preppers spend thousands of dollars each year on what to stock up on everything you need to survive the looming catastrophe.

Ron Douglas along with his wife and six children gathered enough reserves to nothing need throughout the year. Douglas, who is now about forty, lives in Frederick, Colorado, approximately 30 miles from Denver. To make their stocks on the front lawn, which he keeps in his basement, he needed the help of 15 people and more than six hours. If the disaster appear deficit on essential items such as food and water, and the Douglas family did not think to get out of his house.

Stocks Douglas

1. Large buckets of stocks of rice, beans, nuts, sugar, salt, wheat flour and
2. Dehydrated (freeze-dried) food
3. Canned food: cheese, butter, meat, etc.
4. Water bath — autoclave
5. Vacuum Sealer
6. Autoclave
7. Pots
8. Canned pork and turkey
9. Broth: beef and chicken
10. Salt
11. Aluminum foil
12. Portable first aid kits, lighters, UV wand, quick glue
13. Candles
14. Sunflower seeds
15. Cough drop
16. Canned turkey
17. Preserves
18. Backpacks with supplies of food for 72 hours
19. Charcoal
20. Potatoes
21. Grill
22. Solar furnace
23. Beef
24. Vinegar and cider
25. Olive oil in banks
26. Wall kit
27. Canned vegetables
28. Powdered milk and eggs
29. Washing powder
30. The family of Douglas
31. Heirloom Seed Bank
32. Cleanser
33. Pasta
34. The dried mashed potatoes
35. Construction staples
36. A variety of canned food
37. Still preserves
38. Dry hot chocolate
39. Generator
40. Propane burner
41. Water Filter
42. Hand Heater
43. Masks
44. Empty jars for canning
45. Banks roasted peppers
46. Rifle, shotgun and pistol
47. Buckets of honey
48. Cans of sardines
49. Folding tent
50. Liquefied gas
51. The solar panels
52. Plastic tubing

If they do need to leave their home, they will use their modified Chevrolet Suburban — SUV, stocked with emergency power, which can travel about 1,400 kilometers without refueling. The rise in popularity of motion Preppers associated with the television program on the National Geographic Channel called «Doomsday Preppers». The show was the highest rated channel transmission in America.

However, among the members of the Preppers show did not meet the approval, perhaps because it sheds light on the more sinister side of the movement, as reflected in newspaper headlines. As it became known. Killer mother of Sandy Hook Adam Lanza ranking to the organization Preppers. Nancy Lantz was the first victim of Adam, he has released four bullets into it before starting the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 20 students and six teachers.

However, there is no direct evidence that lifestyle contributed to the tragedy of Nancy in Sandy Hook, but many believe that it left a definite mark on Adam. But not all Preppers armed and dangerous. Many of them simply want to increase their chances of survival and to ensure a degree of independence in case of doomsday. They care about the environment and want to protect the future of our planet. Douglas insists that he is one of them.



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