USC became the owner of 96.78% of shares of Severnaya Verf

In the history of the transition shipbuilding assets of ex-senator Sergey Pugachev under the control of state-owned United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) has come to an end. Yesterday, the state company acquired at auction, 75.82% of the plant "Severnaya Verf" for 12.45 billion rubles., Bringing its stake to 96.78%.


Package "Northern shipyard" was purchased during the re-auction. Originally trades were to be held on August 7, the action "Severnaya Verf" were estimated at 14.5 billion rubles. But USC did not work for that price, then the corporation has made a "technical progress" does not apply to participate in the bidding. Due to the lack of applicants auction was canceled. Yesterday the auction took place, but the starting price was 15% lower than that requested a month earlier. USC, with a starting price of the lot to 12.223 billion rubles., Made in the course of trading is just one step in the amount of 225 million rubles. Other contenders for the package was not.

The story of the transition from defense shipyards Sergei Pugachev to public USC began about two years ago. Shares of "Severnaya Verf", along with other shipbuilding assets of the former senator — JSC "Baltic Plant" and OAO "CKB" Iceberg "- have been laid by Central Bank of 32 billion rubles. Issued by the bankrupt in 2010 Mezhprombank, also under the control of Pugachev. In autumn 2011, "Severnaya Verf" by the decision of the Central Bank, which imposed a penalty on shares transferred in trust USC. In the spring of this year elected a new board of directors of the company and the appointment of a new CEO. With the purchase of the shares Shipbuilding Corporation has completed the design of control over the "Severnaya Verf".

According to the "Severnaya Verf", currently on the capacity of the plant hosts several large contracts for the Ministry of Defence and contracts in the framework of international military-technical cooperation. In particular, according to the state armaments program to 2020 "Severnaya Verf" is to build and pass the Russian Navy's eight frigates (ships near and far sea zone) and 18 Project 22350 corvettes (ships near sea zone) in the 20380 and 20385. According to government "Severnaya Verf" is the only Russian supplier of this type of corvettes for the Defense Ministry. In addition, in May 2012, the shipyard has entered into a contract for the supply of three logistic support ships for the Navy of the Russian Federation. The company's revenue in 2011 amounted to 16.509 billion rubles.

As told RBC daily, the representative of USC, is now the shipyard has a sufficient degree of loading, but if customers have a desire to "build anything, we are able to meet these needs." In addition, a representative of USC said that "Severnaya Verf" — the company still problematic and will have to deal with the internal affairs and bring them to a corporate standard. In particular, he said, will undergo a change in marketing policy of the company.

"The price of acquisition of the asset can not be considered low, especially given the fact that USC acted only bidder for the asset," — said the head of the analytical department of BPA Denis Demin. However, given the fact that the shipyard is estimated at the amount of annual revenue, sell more expensive it would be problematic. The expert believes that the story of the transition of the shares under the control of the shipyard USC is now complete. "The Unanswered Question, What did the representatives of Pugachev, started a lengthy litigation," — he added.


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