USC has formed a portfolio of 1.5 trillion rubles


United Shipbuilding Corporation / USC / formed a portfolio worth almost 1.5 trillion rubles, of which 230 billion rubles — civil shipbuilding. These data are published head of the department of civil shipbuilding corporation Dmitry Sapov at the plenary session of the III International Conference on Development of Ports and Shipping "Transtec-2012" opened today in St. Petersburg. 

According to the head of department, shipyards build vessels of various types and tonnage, including icebreakers and platforms to operate offshore, ships of the "river-sea" and special purpose ships, supply vessels. "Special article ambitious program — the construction of icebreakers — said Sapov. — For example, in the work of the project is dvuhosadochnogo submarine capacity of 60 MW, designed to serve the publicly held waters of the Arctic Ocean and the mouth of the shallow-water sections of the great rivers of Siberia. Part of the functioning soon enter 4 diesel electric icebreakers, one LC-25 Project 22600 25 MW in Arctic icebreaker and three 16 MW project 21900M for winter service lines Gulf of Finland. would be built as rescue vessels, supply vessels. "
Sapov noted that now Russia's share of global civil shipbuilding is only 0.3 percent, and the implementation of all the announced projects USC she can grow up to 3 percent.

United Shipbuilding Corporation — the largest shipbuilding company of the Russian Federation. It has 45 factories, 14 KB, employing 78 thousand people. At present, on the basis of the USC consolidated about 70 percent of the domestic shipbuilding industry. 

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