Versions of the explosion at the Russian embassy

The fact that the explosions at the Russian embassy might be involved in the Belarusian authorities, said yesterday the Russian policy of Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the head of the political department of the party "United Russia" Alexei Chad.

Perhaps that is their mean Alexander Lukashenko in today's statement when he said: "With regard to the prosecution of this fast reaction from the Russian, then I start to think, to whom it should be?"

The commentary Alexei Chadaeva, Located on the party's website states:

"Belarus — it is a very small country where everyone knows each other. Degree of transparency for special services is quite high. The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko five or six different special offices that collect information. All" fighters against the regime "and activists are under tight cover. So imagine that some forces were planning a major campaign and nobody will know — it's ridiculous. It can be assumed that the Belarusian secret services had information on the preparation of the action. And the fact that the security forces have not prevented the incident at the Russian embassy, said that it is — the signal for the Russian leadership for all of us. The signal that you need to take note. "

However, not all Russian experts and politicians share these assessments. For example, according to the chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs and Relations with Compatriots Alexei Ostrovsky (By the way, fellow party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky) "incident in the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk hardly inspired any representatives of the power structures of Belarus." According to Ostrovsky, "this is an attempt by some groups to use the tense moments in Russian-Belarusian relations, in order to further aggravate and worsen them. Belarus, I think there are people who support such a provocation. And, perhaps, those who performed it were interested to direct public opinion on a false trail to sow seeds of doubt about nedatychnastsi the authorities in this incident. "

The threat of a repetition of such acts in the future remains, deputy director of the Institute of CIS Countries Vladimir Zharihin. According to him, the initiators of the action were the ones who in the wake of deteriorating relations between the leadership of the Russian Federation and Belarus, "seeks dividends during the election campaign."

However, the expert sees no grounds for asserting that the attack could be made with the tacit consent of the Belarusian authorities. "To imagine that this action took place on the formal structures of Belarus, I have no reason to. I do not see any benefit for the Belarusian official structures in this action," — said V. Zharihin.

The Russian newspaper "The View" gives chronicling the attacks on the Russian embassy in the world in recent years. In May this year explosion occurred at the Russian embassy in Kabul, no one was hurt. Later, it was suggested that the rebels were aiming not to diplomats, and representatives from the coalition forces.

  • July 27, 2009 39-year-old man tried rammed a car gate of the Russian Embassy in Tokyo. He demanded that Japan return the Kuril Islands. After the arrest the assailant, police found a sword in the driver's seat.
  • And in 2007, on the night of May 3, attacked parked official vehicles of the Russian Embassy in Finland, four cars were damaged.
  • In 2004, the Russian Embassy in Warsaw, windows were broken. The attack took participants 10000th miners rally protesting against the closure of their businesses. They pelted the embassy of firecrackers, stones and metal screws.
  • January 3, 2000, an attack on the Russian embassy in Beyrutse. Next to the building several explosions, shooting took place, resulting in the deaths of two people, a few more were injured.

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