Veterinarians recommend Muscovites instill their pets from rabies

Veterinarians recommend Muscovites do their pets vaccinated against rabies to protect their families, according to the website of the Moscow Committee of veterinary medicine.

"Timely vaccination of pets will protect your pets from getting rabies, but also facilitate the work of veterinary specialists, as in every case, go to the place of veterinary committee members. SBD" Combining veterinary "and GBU" Mosvetstantsiya "done a lot of work: delivery of animals on quarantine, disinfection locations of animals vaccinated contact animals and other necessary measures, "- said in a statement.

Of material that for the period from July 1 to 15 employees SBD "Mosvetstantsiya" was carried out to deliver the four animals to quarantine. Total station was delivered seven dogs and a hedgehog with new areas of Moscow. Dogs brought from new constituencies were not vaccinated and owners have had contact with wild foxes. In this case, after the death of studies have been conducted in Gorvetlaboratorii for rabies, and the results of examinations confirmed the presence of the disease.

The report emphasizes that the SBD "Moscow Station for animal disease control" provides veterinary services, including vaccination of animals around the clock.

"All the useful information about the services available on the website of the Committee or by phone: 8 (495) 612-12-12, 8 (495) 612-74-21," — added to the material.

In March, because of the repeated detection of rabies in wildlife areas and Silino Savelki Zelenograd was quarantined for two months. Later quarantine was established in Kryukovo ZelAO and extended until July 23 due to the discovery of new cases of rabies in animals. Next, for the same reason was quarantined in a settlement Krasnopahorskoe Trinity district of the capital, and then in the settlement Voronovskaya in the Trinity area.

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