Victims of landslides in Indonesia are 9 people, 17 missing

Two landslides caused by heavy rains on Sunday attacked the town on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, killing nine people, 17 were missing, according to the Associated Press.

Torrents of mud, earth and rocks coming down from the hills to the village of Tanjung Sani (Tanjung Sani), destroyed or damaged 20 dwellings. At the scene rescuers pulled bodies from the rubble of the five local residents, there is an operation to locate 17 missing. Near the village of another landslide destroyed the barracks where the workers had supper, four people were killed.

Landslides are not uncommon in Indonesia, especially during the rainy season. Often not without casualties, as millions of Indonesians live mainly in the hilly and mountainous terrain of the island state, which consists of more than 17,000 islands.

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