Wall, so rotten, tyknite — and fall apart!


I had only to lament in the last siege annoying bespadeynasts Belarusian reality, she began to throw up strange knee. Supposedly something "started" — that is what many of us have long been waiting for, consciously or unconsciously, with caution, or hope, that it "is about to begin." But then — yes is not it. After all, this "something" first breathed, to use the expression `s Akudovich" awful silence of dullness. " This event nights from the 30th to the 31st of August (according to new data, night of the birth of Alexander Lukashenko), which Oomoto sekai baptized the "cocktail party for Russian diplomats."


"Everyone knows splash of two hands. And as the sound of one hand clapping? . " The answer to this classic Zen Buddhist Kaan may be this: a Molotov cocktail explosion on the night of the 30th to the 31st of August to the street Novovilenskaja, 1A in Minsk.

He thundered at the same time, causing a wide variety of interpretations, and remained silent, because all interpretations looked equivalent, and thus exactly cheap either.

"- No it's not the KGB and Minsk anarchists.
— Maybe Mozyr deviants? Or Pinsk ananisty? Or Novopolotsk philatelists? '

Quotes Oomoto sekai symptomatic speaking users of the social network "VKontakte". In other words, this could be done by anyone, with what you want goals, you never know who has what cockroaches in my head, but the truth will never be known, and what a difference — all the same we do not care. Well, is not that important occasion for jokes:

"Relax, kanspirolyagi. Just Kolya today DR. Only ". — writes ushchent. 

(Collage from the site "Belarusian Frog")

Or you can make an omelet without breaking eggs?

Rising above this particular case to the level of social generalization, we can say that not only Belarusians do not believe in the possibility of self-radical actions of fellow citizens, they are not quite sure of their necessity. So, blogger jaugeni, in the list of interests surrounding the sacramental and such concepts as the "Renaissance. Belarus. On ", admits:

"The news of the" Molotov cocktails "thrown into the Russian embassy, once agitated, frightened, pleased, alarmed at the same time. How many weeks ago, I was talking to the Irish, I then said something in Belarus is not enough organizations like IRA (Irish Republican Army). He asked me, and against whom it is to fight? I then could not answer, and now I do not know … '

This is followed by discussion of the dictatorial regime and excessive economic dependence on Russia, from which, in principle, it is worth it to get rid of, but some are not very impulsive, almost emotionless. In the end, "Belarus is an independent country, its territory is not occupied by anyone else." Between the lines sounded like: "we live well, we live well." At least not so bad and bad to take up Molotov cocktails.

"Perhaps, now in Belarus — dry autumn relative satiety, moderate rest", — states czerniec. "People are most concerned about maintaining gameastazu than development. Renovating apartments, cars, teeth. And do not run out into the street, do not rush the dark. Do not bite. Do not rule out that it suspended animation recreation, healthy sleep. That's why I still do not dare to whisper, "Hey! Wake up, you ..!" Bear formidable rod. Sleepy rabbit pathetic … . "

The discussion under the July article, "Kyrgyz scenario: will shoot in Minsk?" In the pages of "Nasha Niva" confirmed that if the Belarusians and want to change, then — "without destabilization." It's funny that the need for radical change uncompromising fight really well-known commentator materials Site of "Freedom" Dimych:

"The English proverb says:" To make an omelet, you must break eggs "… The founding fathers of the United States for the sake of independence from the British Empire and the American democracy at war with Britain and fought each other for the abolition of slavery (the Civil War). And as a result I can tell you that they were right … In general, people have the right to overthrow their leaders, if they do not go away. Even in the Belarusian Constitution says that all power belongs to the people, not the family Lukashenko. So we have every right to ask them to ubratstsa. Through elections or even how — this is how it goes with the Belarusians. Well, otherwise stagnation and eventual degradation. "

Bears rods and sleepy Zaitsev rocked system

As you know, "Bears-rods" and "sleepy hare" of the Belarusian policy — Anarchists all surprised and embarrassed, taking responsibility for the attack on the Russian Embassy, two days after it. Their actions are justified in a fiery statement:

"It is ridiculous to read the online reviews on forums [our] share. We are all equally vile mafia Maples under the names of "the rulers of the Republic of Belarus" and "rulers of the Russian Federation." A simple working people of both countries do not shine anything good from this political bickering for power, do not act like this lying politicians. The people achuysya! Is it really impossible to do without kanspiralyagichnuyu theories to justify any act of protest and discontent? Every day we see theft and lawlessness, but only around the lowered views and timid kitchen conversations. It's time to gather their forces and to believe that we deserve a better life. "

History of a statement rather dull — initially it appeared on the website Indymedia Belarus, situated svezhazaregistravanym users was later removed by the moderators as "incredible." Some anarchists have found it provocative, others joyfully welcomed. Statement sold on the internet and in the end the morning of the 3rd of September, "the law enforcement officers in plain clothes" were detained six Minsk anarchists, whose whereabouts are still unknown.

Not to say that the response was too sympathetic bloggers. Most often sounded something like:

"Detained, by the way, in their language will. On themselves dashed off a cart, now wonder that the police came. Strange people, the truth '. (b0rmann)

Criticized the action itself, even supporters of anarchism. Thus, mend0za2 wrote:

"The last event — the ultimate post-modern nonsense. Since the purpose of the attack, finishing with negligible results, as well as damage to those in support of it purportedly organized. Not to mention the wave of innuendo caused by informational pause in two days. Not tied to local realities, does not rely on grass-roots movement — yes I do not see any preconditions. "

However, it is precisely this "information pause in two days," the most loved blogger chudentsov:

"The Belarusian anarchists today once again surprised the society, which lazily chewing popcorn, taking responsibility for the incident in the territory of the Russian Embassy in Belarus … We must admit that even the most skillful was not very holding of a protest, and a two-day break, which was maintained thereafter. During this time, almost all public policy and Belarus, and Russia managed to say what people think about each other. It was interesting to hear :). Alexander Lukashenko attributed to accidents with two bottles of "Molotov cocktail" Russian special services. Russian MPs — their Belarusian colleagues i
n cloaks and daggers. BRYU activists accused in the attack on the diplomatic mission of opposition youth activists, and those, in turn, was suspected in the night of the shares of its peers BRYU … "

I'd add: if it was not someone's malicious mnogohodovki and action really was carried out by anarchists, the results are impressive and inspiring. I do not know how anyone, and I am pleased with the realization that Martsinovichava "Paranoia" was one … paranoia — intelligence is not really an all-seeing and all-powerful as the presidency, if not accidentally confuse and knock some heads together "bears-rods" and "sleepy hare." Allegedly, once again, as at one time, "a wall, but a rotten, tyknite — and fall apart."

The blogger chudentsov sums up his impressions:

"Well, with all the unusual methods of struggle itself a political position anarchists worthy of respect. The words of the hero of popular Hollywood movie" Avatar ", you will notice that" if we do not fight each other, we lose what makes us human ' . This is, unfortunately, very few people understand: on the same forums TUT.BY quite a lot of commentary in the style of "and what we, Belarusians, general business to Russia and the Khimki forest? Let him be whipped all — we what? "

Fortunately, even in the daily forced the race for a piece of bread is not all people have turned to submissive cattle, which from 9:00 to 18:00 worked hard on the system, and from 18:00 to 9:00 consumes that the system imposes. And anarchists August 30 convincingly demonstrated that … "

With this consciousness and sleep better somehow.

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