War of the cinema in Noginsk

In the night of August 11, in Noginsk, passed a spontaneous rally. The protesters demanded a meeting with city and regional authorities. Residents expressed their concern at the possible closure of the only urban theater "Dawn", which recently have new owners.

The first big rally at the "Breaking Dawn" was held on 10 August. Protesters destroyed a fence that the new owners built around theater. "Dawn" is very popular. There, low ticket prices, varied repertoire and a cozy atmosphere. Recently there was an auction for the sale of cinema. Tenants warned about him.

As a result, the building was sold to another firm. The new owners of the building, according to residents Noginsk, made too high rental price, and then built a fence around the theater and began to dismantle the external structures.

"Dawn" is still running, but the tenants are concerned that the new owners will disassemble and fixtures. Law enforcers Moscow region say that it is a property dispute and police intervention is required. The city administration has not yet commented on the situation.

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